Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 1828 - Raising Money for Syria #wakeupcall

Do you dare show us what you look like when you first wake up?

It's a Deep Fried wake-up call

To be fair this photo was taken AFTER my shower. But it is without make-up and my hair is yet to be styled. Plus it's early in the morning. Does that still count?

So why am I showing you this pic today?

There has been a bit of a "no makeup selfie" push in the past as part of a "love the skin you're in" type movement.  This time it's for a different cause.

Launched just a few days ago UNICEF Ambassador Jemima Kahn has been promoting the #wakeupcall selfie campaign to raise awareness (and money) for the displaced children of Syria.  This helps men to get on board as well (not just the ladies going bare faced).

Much like the recent ice bucket challenge to raise money for Lou Gehrig's Disease, the Wake Up Call challenge hopes that people will post their selfie on social media to create a world-wide buzz while raising funds in the process.  Many celebs have already started posting their pics including Jemima, Aussie UNICEF Ambassador Tara Moss and a rapidly increasing bunch of others.

Go to Twitter and search #Wakeupcall to find pics of everyone getting involved.

I believe there are over a million children in Syria currently displaced living in refugee type camps. The money raised goes towards their health and education. It only takes around $8 to help out. That's enough to buy a few books or a toy or two.

Once you're done you nominate three friends to do the same.

Pretty easy!

To donate go to the UNICEF UK website here.

So ... who else is in?

Anyone else dare to show yourself for a wake up call? 

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