Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 1829 - Finding an exercise buddy

Social media is great for health and fitness! 

Remember in the "old days" when you had to physically find yourself an exercise buddy who lived nearby so that you could meet up for a walk or jog?  You got yourself a local to keep you accountable for your new fitness regime and you'd work out while you compared diet tips and confessed to eating cake at midnight.  What happens when the only people in your life who are ready for the same health and fitness push live miles away?  Can you get the same level of accountability and support from a distance?

Of course you can.  Thanks to social media.

If you read my post of Wednesday you'd know that I am ready to restart my health, fitness and wellness campaign. It's time to shed the winter kilos, kick start the metabolism, cleanse the body and get re-energised.  Middle age is not for the unfit! Trust me - life is so much more fulfilling when you can zip up your jeans, run from swooping magpies without keeling over in exhaustion and jump out of bed each day feeling refreshed and ready for the world.

The problem with me is that I don't love exercise.  I really need "encouragement" in that area.  Plus lately I have become a bit lazy in the food department. I am still eating all the good stuff.  But I am also eating a hell of a lot of the bad stuff.  As a result I have become sluggish.  My fibromyalgia is rearing it's ugly head and I am finding it hard to focus.  Plus my jeans don't fit.  It's that caboose I was talking about on my birthday. It's hard to wrap a pair of jeans around a caboose.

So I went out and got myself some like-minded friends who are also in need of trimming their caboose.

Only problem is one lives in the USA and the other lives on a property out of town.  It's not easy lining up a walk around the lake or a run up a hill when there's distance between you.

So we set up a Facebook system where we PM or Message each other (as a group) every day showing photos of our breakfast, lunch and dinner and writing up our exercise.

We share our food intake instantly. 
We've agreed on the same set of daily exercises which we add to depending on our own individual circumstances.  But the core exercises remain the same.

Then we post pictures of our food intake and share ideas and recipes.  We talk about why we are eating what we are eating and the health benefits etc.  There is no judgement or "one-up-manship".  Just a sense of support and accountability.

And it really works.

Last night I thought about eating a piece of cake. But then I thought I would have to admit to it to my health and fitness buddies.

I then thought about eating chocolate.  Again I baulked because I would have to "say it out loud". There was no sneaking it and forgetting about it.  I was accountable to my friends. And I just can't lie to my friends.

I really didn't want to do my sit-ups, dips, squats and leg raises yesterday. I'd left them to the end of the day and then I was too tired. But the thought of not being able to check in with my friends to check it off on Facebook pushed me to go that extra distance.  Exercises complete.

This finding an exercise buddy thing "from a distance" is actually working.  In fact, I think it is working better than if we were relying on each other to turn up face-to-face.  We are actually working out "together" from different corners of the globe.

Finding an exercise buddy doesn't have to be close to home. Social media is great for health and fitness!

Do you have a health and fitness friend?  

Are they nearby or do you cheer for each other via social media? 

How do you use social media for your health and well being?


  1. I really need to do something similar. While I'm fairly restricted with what I can do both food and exercise wise at the moment with a few health issues, I've been more than slack.

  2. YES! I have a group of wonderful women who keep me accountable online as well. It's also nice to have that support too, particularly on those days when it all seems too hard!

  3. Having someone to support you when exercising is definitely a great motivation. My hubby is my exercise buddy!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. I'm part of the Operation Move group on Facebook! I can't tell you how great that was last month while I was "doing it on my own" - I've joined their Learn to Run program and it's so awesome.
    Like you say, there is accountability and support - but without HAVING to go jogging or do your exercise with someone.
    To be honest, my walk/run time is the only quiet I get on those days, so I NEED to go alone!
    Your food looks so yummy!!!!

  5. Great idea! I wish I had that kind of support, it's awesome. You need it too, it's so hard to change those bad habits (speaking for myself!).

  6. I love this! Have you come across operation move. They are very supportive team also on FB and they have a website. I use them as part of my team.

  7. I reckon if I did then maybe I might be more accountable, but first I have to recapture my old friends: motivation and willpower! xx

  8. I used to be in a group for exercising. Unfortunately I had a falling out with the group. I have found the accountability to be helpful in the past though.

  9. I have a few health and fitness buddies. We can have the best, most inspiring conversations (all on text!) but gets me so motivated!

  10. what a fantastic idea! I so need to get my butt into gear before Summer....and yeah holding each other accountable does work.
    Its so good how the world can come together on line, great to see you keeping to your goals ;)


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