Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 1830 - Aus Mumpreneur Awards

Have you heard of Aus Mumpreneur?

It's a lovely community of Australian mums who are out there creating businesses from their own home while juggling the many other hats that mummies wear.  More officially, Aus Mumpreneur is about educating, networking, sharing, conferences and awards.

Right now I am in Melbourne for the Aus Mumpreneur of the Year Awards.  I am a finalist in the "rising stars" section for Cheer Chick Charlie.  Tonight I will join a room full of other Aussie women who have taken a gamble and forfeited the paid workforce to try a little something of their own at home.  Other women just like me that are hoping (praying) that one day their little idea will become the next big thing.  That their commitment, belief, stress and bloody hard work will one day become their legacy.

Many of the people in this room tonight will have attended the annual Aus Mumpreneur conference which spans two days and is full of knowledge, experience and ideas.

Some of the people in the room may be featured in the brand new book "How to create a successful and profitable business from home" which was launched at the pre-conference cocktail party last night. I am proud to say that I have contributed to that book.

A handful of people in the room will be sitting nervously in their seats awaiting the results of the awards. Whether it be the Aus Mumpreneur of the Year, the Rising Star or the Emerging business of the year, or perhaps one of the "people's choice" awards, there are going to be a few nervous nellies!

All in all it is going to be a great evening.  Win or lose the outcome will be the same.  I am part of an amazing network of women who made a decision to follow their dreams.  I am not alone in this wilderness.  I have support, inspiration and knowledge all around me.  And in return, perhaps I can inspire someone else along the way.

Are you a mum who works from home?

Do you have your own business idea?

Check out the Aus Mumpreneur Facebook page and get on board this wonderful community of women.

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