Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 1831 - Aus Mumpreneur Highlights

Congratulations to the winners of the Australian Mumpreneur of the Year awards.

Christine Kininmonth, A Fertile Mind  - Australian Mumpreneur of the Year
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Alas I was not one of them. But I tell you what, I feel honoured just to have made it as a finalist.  I really do. Last night was a sea of talented and inspirational people and in comparison I feel like a very small fish.  I feel privileged to have been invited into to dip my toe in their waters.

 I won't go into detail about the all the winners here.  I will let you check them out over there.

But I will tell you that I left the event feeling overwhelmed with the sheer innovation and talent that we Aussie mums have to offer.

I also left feeling a little daunted at just how much work I still have to do to get anywhere near the success and caliber of these exceptional people.

But it is this feeling of "challenge" that will drive me to achieve success in the end.

Watching people achieve their dreams is all the motivation I need to drive me forward.  I love being around people who show us what's possible.

Derek and I at the Awards Ceremony - Gatsby theme.

So what now? 

Well, this little fish is going to do more than "just keep swimming" (sorry Dory).  I'm going to step it up a notch and join the big fish.  

Watch this space people! 

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