Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 1833 - How to create your own successful and profitable business from home #ausmum14

Secrets and advice from Australia's leading mums in business.

If you've been reading my posts of the last few days (here and here) you'll know that I attended the Aus Mumpreneur of the Year Awards in Melbourne on the weekend.  I was honoured to have been listed as a finalist in the Rising Star category for Cheer Chick Charlie which means I got to be in a room with some amazingly talented and forward thinking women.  Not the least of which was the overall Aus Mumpreneur of the Year winner, Christine Kininmonth, owner and creator of the now world-wide "Belly Belt" for pregnant women.

Having so much talent and so much knowledge in one room was quite overwhelming.  All I wanted to do was grab a brain sucking tube and siphon just a smidge of information from each of them to put towards my own business ventures.

Well guess what! Luckily the Aus Mumpreneur crew (Peace and Katy) thought the same thing and were forward thinking enough to publish a book that captures the thoughts, processes and tips and tricks from all the finalists that were in that room on Saturday night.  So much cleaner and more civilised than me sucking brains.

The Book - "How to create your own successful and profitable business from home" - is a fantastic little resource about creating, managing and growing a home-based business.

The best part about this book that you don't get lost in the gumph.  It's short, sharp and to the point.  Chapters cover topics such as time management, marketing, profitability, customer service and work-life balance.  It's the type of book where you can randomly open a page and get a quick tip to kick start your day.  It's inspiring, it's motivating and best of all it shows what is possible.

If you're looking to create your own home-based business then I really recommend you grab this book.  Whether you want to launch a global business or simply earn some money from your blog, this room full of successful mummy entrepreneurs can help you achieve your goals.

The book is only $20 in hard copy and can also be bought in e book for just $10.

Check it out! 

You might even find me in there ....

Here I am at the launch of the book on Friday night


  1. What an inspirational event that must have been. I know that belly belt. I couldn't have lived without it. Congrats on being a nominee.

  2. Well done on the accolades for Cheer Chick, I bet you were rubbing shoulders with some fab women! I need to learn a few more skills to be better organised, might just have to put this on Xmas wish list! Or just buy it as a treat.

  3. Congratulations! The event sounds amazing and so does the book. You look so fab and happy - well done and well done Charlie :)

  4. Congratulations, that's fantastic! Sounds like a great event. I'm adding this book to my wish list x

  5. Congratulations! It sounds like an awesome opportunity.

  6. Thank you Leanne. I need some marketing tips, so this is right up my alley!

  7. Congratulations on your nomination! You must have been tickled pink!

  8. Congratulations. What an honour to be a finalist.

  9. Sounds like a really inspiring event to be a part of! The book sounds good. Does it include any basic tips around accounting and business law? I think that would be a good thing to get hold of too for new 'mumpreneurs'. But sounds like it has a lot of great advice for the life management side of things!

  10. Congratulations Leanne, and how fabulous to be in such motivational company.
    PS, you looked gorgeous :)


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