Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 1834 - Wordless Wednesday

On this almost-Wordless-Wednesday I bring you food!

Last night's dinner
Grilled chicken, brown rice and roasted broccolini, asparagus and beans (done in olive oil and seasoning)
Yep, that's right. As I embark on this quest for accountability with my health and fitness these are the photos that I've been sharing with my "health buddies" on Facebook this week.  Every meal is photographed so that we can hold each other accountable for our healthier food choices.  It's fun to share and it's also great to encourage each other forward.  Sure there are some dips (literally .... like French Onion and Smoked Salmon) but these pics show that there is always a choice. Even when you're in the middle of Melbourne and in need of fast food ....

Lunch of "salmon", avo, lettuce, Hummus and vitaweats with a side of vege chips.
Unfortunately the "salmon" turned out to be smoked trout. Oh well!

Breakfast: Cereal, berries, green tea with lemon and a side of apple

Dinner: Chicken Kiev, Zucchini smash and sweet potato
Not the healthiest option with breading, garlic butter and bacon ... but hey, it's yum!

Lunch: roasted avocado with egg, salad and nuts

My morning snack - Juice before it's juiced.

More cereal, berries and green tea (yep, it's a staple)

Lunch: Airport food - a two salad combination. Better than fried chicken!

Breakfast: Restaurant breakfast while travelling - bircher muesli with berries. Plus my green tea of course. 

Morning tea when travelling - Caribbean Green!

Breakfast: Free breakfast at the hotel

Here it is before I opened the box - nifty!

Pub dinner when travelling - I chose the $5 side of garlic vegetables then stole a quarter of my husbands chicken schnitzel

Morning tea while travelling - Skim Chai Latte - special treat

A girl needs her meat! TBone with salad

Lunch - Cruskits with chicken, lettuce and beetroot dip.  Plus nuts!

Fast food - yep! As my husband ate a burger this is what I chose from Grill'd

So there you have it.  Not only am I accountable to my friends for my food choices, but now I'm accountable to you too!

Anyone else on a spring health kick?


  1. Good for you! I'm doing the exact same thing at the moment. Lots of weight to lose. I've only just started and am down 1.6kg so far. All those food piccies look gorgeous - YUM. All the very best of luck to you! xo

  2. Wow that all looks great!!
    You do need to treat yourself sometimes, don't feel to bad about it!!

  3. I'd be too scared to post all the meals I've had this week already. That being said great way to keep each other accountable.

  4. Lots of healthy choices there. Well done!

  5. Great looking food. I love it all.

  6. Oh gosh the food looks incredible...I have cut out sugar and Grains in the last few weeks, My body is still trying to get used to it.
    I love Salads, but the weather here is crazy at the moment so I am now craving warm foods.
    Must try and stick to more veggies :)

  7. I have to try the egg in the avocado for breakfast. That looks awesome.

  8. I'm so proud and envious of you, I feel fat just looking at how healthy you have been, eg fat because I have NOT been eating as well as this! x


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