Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 1835 - Sometimes you've got to push yourself

Since when did the student become the teacher?

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As you know I am on this health and fitness kick.  My daughter is on the same path.  She came to me yesterday and said "want to go for a bike ride?" to which I replied "sure!"

She went on to ask "how many laps?" A lap of our local lake is 5km.

I said "let's do two".

She said "let's do three".

I said "um, make it two".  (I was thinking about the fact that I'd just done my squats and leg raises and that we'd never done three laps before ... my bike bum is bad enough after two!)

She repeated "let's do three"

I said "nah, I think we should do two".

She said "nah, I think we should do three".

I said "really? I think two will be enough".

To which she replied "sometimes Mum you've just got to push yourself".


She's right.

So we did three.

Since when did the student become the teacher? 


  1. That's a pivotal point in parenting, allowing that to come to pass...

  2. Gorgeous. I love a go getter. Sounds like she's got the right attitude and she'll keep you in check :-)

  3. I love her drive and spirit!! That's the best kind of people to have around you when you're on an exercise regime :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Am sure there's some Star Wars Yoda quote about the student becoming the master or something.... just shows what a great job you've done!

    Albeit with a slightly annoying and probably painful post-exercise outcome.

  5. Why not do a bit more exercise if you get the chance! She's definitely spirited as is my little girl. In my book, that's a good thing. X

  6. Love it! Smart cookie your daughter :)
    I am amazed at how smart little ones are! They sure can teach us old Mums a thing or two.

  7. Oh, wow! Good on her! She's learned well and you're blessed to have her wisdom. :-D


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