Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 1836 - Peri Peri

Meeting Ms Nandos 

Derek and the Nandos rep at the Ausmumpreneur awards
At the AusMumpreneaur events last weekend my husband was delighted to rub shoulders with the crew from Nandos (who were a major sponsor).  So much so that he wanted to have his picture taken with "Ms Nandos" and he very willingly took around 12 bottles of Peri Peri sauce.  While I was a little embarrassed by his enthusiasm and a lot concerned about the survival of so many glass bottles in our airline luggage,  I will admit to enjoying the benefits. Ms Nandos (which of course is not her name) admitted to feeling like a rockstar on the night.  I guess Derek's enthusiasm will do that to ya. Needless to say that Peri Peri has now been part of most of our meals since last weekend.  

It's a world of peri peri

Peri Peri chicken

Peri Peri ham sandwiches

Peri Peri "Perinaise" with meatloaf wraps

Peri Peri "Perinaise" with ham salad wrap

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