Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 1840 - Today is a new day

There are days when I struggle to get results. 

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Who am I kidding? There are weeks months where I am disappointed with my lack of positive forward movement.

Well that's OK because today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I keep telling myself that when I dip and waiver in motivation, creativity and forward movement.  Whether it's business, writing, household management, exercise or even parenting, I get the opportunity to end each day and start a new one.

Our today's don't have to be based on our yesterdays.  They can be what create our tomorrows.

Today is a brand new day!  An opportunity to start fresh. 

Who's with me? 


  1. Every moment is a new beginning, only looking back in retrospect marks it as one...

  2. I totally agree! Every day presents a fresh opportunity to start a fresh. Thanks to this reminder today I will start eating healthy again!

  3. Yes!! Agree! :) everyday can be a fresh beginning.. there's no need to wait for a new year :p

    Ai @ <a href="http://www.sakuraharuka.com/'> Sakura Haruka </a>

  4. I have a bad habit of letting my yesterdays making my today less successful. It's a hard in progress! x

  5. That's what I struggle with the most! The 'all or nothing' thinking. So yep I am with you because I am sick of that line of thinking!

  6. Yep! I will definitely try. I can be a little bit of a shocker letting my worries carry on with me for days. It would be great to be able to shake it off and start each day afresh though :) Visiting via #teamIBOT


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