Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 1841 - Planning

When was the last time you planned?

What planning looks like in the world of Deep Fried Fruit
Failing to plan, is planning to fail.  So this week I have spent my time planning.  Planning my marketing, planning my distribution routes, planning my time lines, planning my sales strategy, planning my networks, planning my time.  Planning for action. Planning to make measureable progress in reasonable time.  Planning to be great!

What's your plan? 


  1. I always intend to plan things and then end up leaving it too late and just winging it. But I have started being more organised with my meal planning of late and it's saving me so much time and money that I really should look at being more organised in other areas of my life!

  2. Oh, I'm a great planner. It's the 'doing' I struggle with!


  3. I'm enrolled in a Cert 4 in Small Business Management at the moment and part of that is writing my business plan - so lots of planning going on here! ;-)

  4. My plan is to get about 3 days of work done in 2!! I over committed but I need to pay for our 7 nights stay at a lovely apartment in the Sunshine Coast over Xmas!

  5. I have lots of planning to do. I've been cutting myself some slack in the last few weeks but I need to get into it! Thanks for the motivation Leanne!

  6. I'm like Deborah: a good planner, a not so good doer.
    I plan so much, I have lists of lists and plans for everything. I spend more time planning than doing.

  7. I'm a planner but I often fail at following through and I procrastinate.

    It's a work in progress with me and my distractions.

    It takes inner strength sometimes when you are facing difficulties and challenging times .Thinking of you.


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