Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 1842 - Melanoma

Have you had your skin checked lately?

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As we head into summer we all need to take stock of our skin health.  Especially those of us who are Deep Fried (literally). I am a sun bunny. We are a family constantly in search of the sun, surf and sand so our skin health is even more important.  Derek and I book into our skin specialist at least once every two years.  He does it at the start of summer and I do it at the end.  We're pretty tuned into our body and the little spots, blemishes and bumps on our skin.  It turns out though, that skin cancer can show up in forms other than dark, blotchy, irregular-looking moles or freckles.  A persistent "pimple" may be deadly!

"Earlier this year Australian researchers found that almost half of melanoma deaths were caused by lumps that looked more like pimples or insect bites." (Good Health Magazine November 2014)

They call these lumps nodular melanoma and they can grow at four times the rate of any other form of skin cancer.  Scary!

We are urged to be mindful of all the lumps and bumps on our bodies, especially any pink or brown lumps that have been hanging around for more than a month.

The bottom line is, if there is anything new or changing on your skin get it checked.

Don't mess around with chance when it comes to melanoma.  

It's the best way to ensure you get to age positively. 


  1. A timely reminder. We are all overdue for our skin cancer checkups. The minute hubby is back from sea, I'm making a bulk appointment.

  2. We just booked in for a check recently! it is even free so why wouldn't you.
    Fantatsic post - we too our an outdoors family and I was always in the sun as a kid X

  3. I've been meaning to have a skin check for months now. With summer approaching this is a great reminder to stop making excuses and book in to get this done. Thanks :)

  4. This is a very timely reminder for me! I'm a Queensland girl who grew up *baking* on the Gold Coast beaches smothered in Coconut Oil! Getting my skin checked has been on my 'to do' list for far too long. A little bit of me is scared of what might be found but I must book it in!

  5. A very timely reminder, as it starts to heat up. I grew up in WA out in the sun. (Found you via the FYBF link up.)

  6. Great reminder! We've been out in the sun more since Lil Pumpkin started swim lessons.. need to keep our skin health in check more than ever!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. I have fair skins and have already had a pre-melanoma and two basal cell carcinomas removed so I have to have six monthly checkups. My skins cancers were red, dry, bumpy patches on my forehead - they can really come in many different forms. I also have to be extra careful with my son who has albinism so no protection at all from the sun. Great reminder Leanne!

  8. Thanks for the reminder. I have a lot of sun spots and to be honest have used the excuse of being busy with kids not to get them rechecked. It's been about 4 years. Making an appointment now.

  9. I'm up to date but hubby isn't, it's one of my 'things' skin checks - I'm paranoid about them!

  10. I need to get mine looked at. Especially as I've got another pimple in the same place as i did a month ago. :O

  11. never realised about a pimple as being something that needs to be looked at?
    Gosh - thanks for the tip :)
    And yeah we love the sun too!


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