Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 1845 - National Scholastic Cheerleading Championships

Goooooo Good Shepherd!

Good Shepherd Cheer Logo

It's a 3.30am start today as I take a day trip to Sydney to watch my gorgeous Good Shepherd cheerleaders perform at their National Championships.

I use the word "my cheerleaders" loosely given I have had no part of their training nor preparation.  That credit goes to their wonderful coaches.

Of course they still feel like mine and it's with the same element of pride and awe that I'll be watching them and reflecting on just how far the squad has come since Tahlia and I started it back in 2008. Only today I won't be feeling the butterflies, nerves or anxiety that a coach often feels.  No need for Valium today!  Well, not for me anyway.

This year's championship is a little different as it's the first time the scholastic side has been split from the rest of the All Star teams.  The schools (primary schools, high schools and universities) now have their own competition which runs a month prior to the Australian All Star Cheerleading National Championships.

I can't wait to see what it's like! Can't wait to see Good Shepherd perform today.

I'd better stop writing and hit the road.

Wish us luck. 

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