Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 1846 - Lots of positive thoughts please

Think positive! 

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It's another pre-dawn start today.  Would you call 2.45 pre-dawn?  Alarm was set for 3.00am but of course my body decided to prove that the inner body-clock could beat the digital variety.  So here I am blogging at ridiculous o'clock.  It's all for good reason of course. Derek and I have the first flight to Brisbane to be there for Chelsea and her family as she has her surgery to remove the rest of her tumor.  She needs lots of positive thinking and prayers today as she tackles this next hurdle on her journey to wellness. No negative thoughts allowed!

Note:  I am not going into a lot of detail about Chelsea's cancer because it's not my journey nor my story to tell. While I may not be focusing on it in this blog space, we are immersed in this battle.  

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