Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 1850 - Connecting Instagram to a Facebook page you manage

Connect Instagram to a Facebook page you manage.

I have many Facebook pages.  There's my life coaching one, cheerleading one, bloggy one, holiday rental house one, Tahlia's modelling one and of course my Cheer Chick Charlie one.  Not to mention my personal one.

With so many pages to manage, plus their associated Twitter accounts and a couple of Instagram accounts it's easy to see that there are some days I curse the day social media was invented.

Then I see the light side again and realise what an amazing marketing tool all this social media carry on actually is.  So I persist.

Anyway, I've recently set up an Instagram account for Cheer Chick Charlie and I wanted to find a way to connect it to the Charlie Facebook page so that I only had to post each picture once.

I knew I could attach it to my personal Facebook page, but on my Windows phone I couldn't find a way to attach the instagram account to a Facebook page that I manage.

Well, after much trawling the net and visiting many online forums I finally found a way.  Yay!

Here's how you do it:

Log into your Instagram account on your handheld device (mine is a Nokia Windows phone).

Where you see those little dotty things at the bottom of the screen, click on them which reveals the option for "settings".

Click on "settings" which will take you to a screen where you can choose "you", "preferences", "video", "support" etc.  Click on "preferences".

Then go to "share settings".  Here you will see where to connect to your other social media including Twitter and Facebook.

Click on Facebook.  This is where it will get you to log into your Facebook account.  Enter your Facebook log in details and follow this all the way through.  At this point it will feel like you are connecting to your personal Facebook page (which you are).  Bear with me ...

Once you are logged into Facebook you will see that your Facebook name now appears under the "Facebook" heading at the "share settings" screen.

Click on the Facebook heading again.

Now you will see a heading that says "Share to" with the default of "timeline" showing.  Click on "Share to" and you will find all your pages associated with Facebook.

Choose the one you want to link your Instagram account to. The little circle will fill in to show you have ticked that box.

Then just hit the "tick" (check mark) at the bottom of the screen and you're done!

Note: If you log out of Instagram you will need to go through this process every time you log back in. 

Now you can stop tearing your hair out.

Easy once you know how.

Happy posting! 


  1. I'm not on Instargram _ I'm not even really on FB!! I love Twitter tho...(see why I'm a failed blooger - too lazy to get on board)

  2. It can all get so overwhelming, can't it Leanne?!
    I love IG, but have basically given up on FB.
    Good on you for persevering.

  3. Great instructions! I worked it out by trial and error...and could have done with a post like this at the time. (Found you via #FYBF linkup).

  4. I've been trying to figure this out like forrrrever! Thanks Leanne for solving this mystery for us!

  5. I was wondering how to do this! Thanks for sharing! :-D

  6. Sheer brilliance Leanne thank you. One less thing for me to learn :) x

  7. Brilliant clear instructions. You should do more of these :)

  8. OMG - do you know how long I have wanted to know how to do this? I have never linked my blog Instagram up to my blog FB page because I could only see the option to link it up to my personal page! I'm going to print this out and follow the instructions and hopefully it works! I think I love you! Mwah! Min xo

  9. I actually had to quit Instagram months ago cos I had life envy. Everyone else's pics made it look like they were having way more fun than me and I started getting sulky and feeling sorry for myself.

    I haven't actually closed my account but I've taken the app off my my devices so I can only access it via my desktop to see someone's pic (if shared on FB / Twitter etc).


  10. I actually prefer Instagram compared to Facebook.
    And then I like facebook better than twitter....
    I have linked up our Instagram account to our New Life on the Road Facebook account awhile back...
    But I have started to notice that if I post a direct photo to Facebook I get more responses, compared to if I share it on Instagram and it shares to facebook/twitter.
    Not sure why but that's what I have noticed with my stats lately :)
    Great tips on how to set up the link on your phone :)

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