Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 1851 - Aussie Halloween

Have you got sucked into this whole Halloween thing?

I have resisted for so long! I know we have wonderful ties with the USA with my bestie in Pennsylvania and I know that Halloween is fun and colourful and adds a new celebration to our year, but I have still resisted this "holiday" given it's not an Aussie tradition.  But as the years roll by it's getting harder and harder because the bottom line is, the kids just love it.

I remember many years ago I had some kids knock at the door and I had nothing to hand them but two minute noodles.  Needless to say they didn't come back to our joint the following year.

In the past couple of years though we've made sure we've got lollies in the house just in case.

Then last year while I was safely tucked away in China on a Cheer Chick Charlie business trip, Derek and the kids went so far as to put a pumpkin out the front "advertising" that we were Halloween friendly.  The kids went trick or treating with another family and I was none-the-wiser.

On Thursday the moment Derek and I got off the plane from Brisbane I had Darby asking if he could get dressed up for Halloween and go trick or treating.

I said "wait until we're home mate and I'm settled, then we'll chat about it."

The moment we walked in the front door he asked again.

"Wait until I've got my bag unpacked and I'm settled, then we'll chat about it."

It went on like that for the next hour until I finally gave in and texted some mums inviting their kids over for a little Halloween party.

I worry about the trick or treating because I don't want to put pressure on neighbours to feel they have to get candy into the house.  I figured that if I threw a little Halloween party at our house with a few friends, the kids could feel part of the whole Halloween thing even if the trick or treating didn't pan out.

As it turns out the trick or treating went great! They came home with bags full of lollies and big smiles on their faces.

I even put the pumpkin out at our house and a big scary mask on the door to advertise our participation.

The sad thing is I only got one group of kids knock on our door which leaves me with piles of candy!  I now have a stash of chocolates and lollies to avoid for the next few months as I continue this health and fitness gig.

The good news is the kids had a great time getting dressed up, knocking on doors, eating lollies, watching a scary movie (Gremlins) and just plain participating.

 To be honest it was a great way to spend a Friday.

Have you got sucked into this whole Halloween thing?

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