Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 1852 - Hall Markets

When was the last time you visited the markets?

I love a good market. I used to visit the Hall Markets fairly regularly but to be perfectly honest I haven't been for around 10 years! That's shocking given they're literally less than 10 minutes up the road. Anyway today I went - as a stall holder. Yep. I packed up some Cheer Chick Charlie merchandise and took it to the Hall Showground.

The Hall Markets are on the first Sunday of every month. Money raised from stall hire and public entry donations goes to Hartley Lifecare which is dedicated to helping people with disability in the ACT and surrounding region by providing accommodation support, respite care and community programs.   

For anyone in the ACT the next one is on the first weekend of December and the Cheer Chick Charlie crew will be there.

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