Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 1854 - Melbourne Cup Day

Do you celebrate the Melbourne Cup?

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Derek and I met on Melbourne Cup day (many many MANY years ago).  So today is our meetaversary.

In years past we often headed to the Canberra race track on Melbourne Cup day to celebrate our union. It seems that our time at the track becomes fewer and far between as the years roll by. A combination of work and family has put an end to our festivities.  For a start the kids are at school and the race that stops a nation stupidly falls right at school pick up time.  Whose silly idea was that?! It's kind of hard to get into the race when you're sitting at the school gate waiting for your children to come out.

Well - Today that stops!

No, I haven't managed to talk the race organisers into changing the race time from 3.00pm to 4.00pm. Although that would be a bloody good idea.  I've decided to do something I can control instead.

We've made a decision that this great Aussie event is something that is worth celebrating as a family. We've decided that our union and the children created from that union is worth it.

So at the risk of sounding like very naughty parents (particularly given the amount of time our kids have already had off school this year due to illness, surgery and other family challenges), we're pulling the kids out of school for half a day and we're making this celebration a family affair.

Derek even went one step further.  With all thoughts of saving money put to the side he signed us up to become members. Oh shit! Really?  OK ... I guess we'll be doing this a little more often.

I too went one step further and bought fascinators and new race friendly* shoes for Tahlia and I to match our new spring frocks.

So today we celebrate.  Not just the race, but our family.

I am so excited!

Stay tuned for pictures on the blog tomorrow.

Do you celebrate the Melbourne Cup?

*Race friendly shoes are those with a chunkier heel so you don't sink into the grass. Nothing worse than wearing stilettos and spending the day balanced on your toes.  Trust me ... I know ...

This photo taken on Melbourne Cup day 2007

This photo taken on Melbourne Cup day 2012 (botox anyone?)

PS  Membership at the Canberra Race track is very reasonable.  At the moment they are running a special where you can buy three years membership for the price of two.  Membership is $90 a year for the member and $80 for the associate member.  This membership gives access to the grounds (you don't pay gate entry), Member's car park and the Member's stand.  This applies to every race day no matter how big or small.  Children under the age of 12 are free gate entry and over 12 is $15.  Both children have access to the Member's stand with us until they turn 18.  Members can also take guests to the Member's stand at an additional cost. For more information head to the Thoroughbred Park website


  1. I would normally celebrate Melbourne Cup in the office, with an afternoon tea whilst watching the race. This year however, I am at home with my baby girl, so I haven't even thought about the race until I read your post! So nothing much for me today.

  2. Off to a lunch with friends, but I have to bail to do the school pick-up prior to the race...

  3. No, we don't. I have ethical objections to horse racing personally. Much nicer to celebrate your anniversary and family, how lovely :)

  4. I love the races- when I go. I love The Cup - for the public holiday. I especially love that our country celebrates horse racing, and days spent in the sun sipping chamapgne - all dressed up and fancy - brilliant really xx

  5. I love Melbourne Cup day. We went nearly every year when I was growing up (just to the local races, not Flemington) so it's a big deal for me. I'm heading off again today in about half an hour. All dressed up and somewhere to go for a change!!

  6. I love that your making the kids part of your celebrations!
    If we still celebrated the way we had met, we would be gatecrashing my nieces birthday party every year :)

  7. The last two years, I haven't bet on the Cup, or any other horse racing and if offered in the future, I won't participate in any sweeps - After the tragedy of this years cup, i am glad that I have taken this stance. Your relationship however, that is definitely something to be celebrated! Congratulations!!!


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