Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 1855 - Thoroughbred Park Canberra

A day at the races

Melbourne Cup day at Canberra race track
If you can't be in Melbourne for the race that stops a nation, then heading to your local racetrack is the next best thing.  For us that racetrack is Thoroughbred Park in Canberra.  It has a bunch of local races; screens everywhere to view the races from other cities (including the Melbourne Cup); it has the members stand; the general stand; marquees set up by local businesses; lots of lovely green grassy areas; bookies, bars and loads of people frocked and suited up! What more could you ask for? We're so impressed we've decided to become members again! Watch this space for more race day pictures over the next few years.

The kids took half a day off school to join us 

Me in my H&M dress, Colette bag and Target fascinator (yeah, I'm cheap) 

Mum and daughter selfie

Dudes!! Father and son

Checking out the winners

Lots of lovely grass areas with umbrellas track-side

Inside the betting ring

Even a DJ at the "fashions on the field" stage

Always goofy people playing dress-ups to entertain the crowd

The races just isn't the races without the Myer Fashion on the Field competition

A great family afternoon out

Tahlia Jane wearing Tressle dress and Sash & Belle handbag


  1. You all look gorgeous. And I love your Target Fascinator

  2. What a stunning family and what a great idea to involve everyone. Looks like a fabulous day!

  3. You look smashing! I'm impressed your son had appropriate clothing ... I think my son only owned clothes like that for a couple of family weddings throughout his childhood, otherwise nada!

  4. Beautiful how you are all dressed up.

  5. You all look gorgeous and dapper. Fabulous family day out :)

  6. I thought that was another daughter - you look gorgeous Leeanne.
    The family pic is beautiful.

    Thanks for linking up last week - I am on double catch up today.

  7. Yes, it was a wonderful race and a good holiday, my friends were there, too. Unfortunately I was not able to come, I just managed to make a small bet on the first race here Thank you for sharing these photos.


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