Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 1856 - Exercise Blogger

Today I go all exercise bloggy

Visiting the local outdoor gym
So you've had the fashion blogger - today I give you the Exercise Blogger! Not that I am in any way a fitness expert but I am all about staying active right now so I figured I'd share some of my exercisey tips.

If you've been reading me regularly over the last month you'd know that I'm on a bit of a health and fitness kick.

As a Deep Fried woman of the world I've been conscious of the need to maintain a good health base and I'm also conscious of that whole "use it or you'll lose it" thing.  If I don't continually challenge my bones and muscles then I may lose any semblance of fitness.

PLUS there's that whole menopausal stuff sneaking up on me and the fact that weight gain in this stage of life is bloody hard to shake.  So yeah, I have plenty of reasons to ensure I remain healthy and active.

So a handful of friends and I have set up an encouragement and accountability chat on Facebook to document all of our exercise and food intake.  It's doing wonders at my end!

Of course I waiver.   There has been far too many Halloween chocolate remnants calling my name. But for the most part the need to be active and to watch what I eat is at the forefront of my mind.

Exercise it the one thing in life that I find it hard to commit to.  Give me anything else and I'll rise to the challenge but I simply can't get passionate about exercise.  As someone who is time poor, I just don't list it as a priority worthy of my time. So I have devised some tips on how even the most time poor lazy arse exercise gumby can achieve.

Some tips about getting started with exercise:

  • Create a core base of quick achievable daily exercises that are going to help shape your body.  For me it is 60 sit ups, 30 dips. 30 squats and 30 leg raises (each leg).  Having a core set of basic exercises that can be done in five minutes means there are no excuses.  Even if that's all you do in your day it means you are being active.

  • Find the space where you find the most joy and make that your exercise place.  For me it is being outside in the fresh air so my "extra" exercises are centred around walking or bike riding around our local lake.  If you love reading then hire a treadmill and walk while you read a good book.  If you have a favourite TV show then borrow an elliptical and get moving while you watch the box.  If you love to dance then have a new song of the day each day and dance full out in your own lounge room. 

  • Find a buddy to share your exercise with.  Whether it's taking photos of your walk to share online or actually grabbing a friend, your child or a neighbour to exercise with you.  I am lucky to have three sources to draw from:  my Facebook chat group to send pictures to; a friend to climb hills with and do interval training; and my daughter who is also on a fitness kick.

  • Make the exercise interesting and mix it up.  In the last few weeks I have walked up rural hills, ridden my bike around the lake, found a free outdoor gym, walked a bush track (being swooped by magpies), explored a new city on foot, done a hip hop exercise DVD and watched new TV shows on the iPad while on the treadmill. 

  • Try interval training.  I don't jog. That simple.  But I know that running is good for me even if my knees complain.  So a friend and I have recently started interval training where we walk for 2 minutes and jog for 1 minute repeating it over a 5km route.  It's doable.  Even this flat-footed chick can manage it.  

  • Commit.  Yeah, you can put all the plans in place and you can even act upon them, but if you don't COMMIT to something then it's only ever going to be a passing fad.  Commitment is probably the toughest part of any endeavour.  Believe me, I know! I guess if I want to remain fit and healthy as I age I just have to.

  • Buy some kick arse exercise gear that you just want to wear.  It's like when you buy new stationery to help you get your desk work done.  Buying new exercise gear helps to motivate you into physical activity. It doesn't have to cost a lot.  I bought my gear from Cotton On and I can safely say it is great quality with all the nice firm "hold it all together" qualities that I personally need in fitness clothing.  

Sports crop/bra $30 comes in many cup sizes; sports singlet $20 and exercise  pants around $40. My sneakers are Sketches bought at an outlet for around $50.

Wearing my Cotton On gear and holding my Sketches sneakers. 

So there you have it. As I said, I ain't no fitness expert, but these are the things that are working for me right now.

Maybe some of them will work for you too?


  1. Go you! I just need to work on my core...I'm losing weight, I'm pretty fit but there seems to be nothing in the middle...(or a lot & loose!)

  2. Go you! Hope you're having a great time getting fit!
    As soon as the toddler is weaned I am there. I have lots of body issues with the low eostrogen of breastfeeding and must avoid exercise as I injure too easily. I have hyperflexible joints - everything stretches too far and it can be ouch! I did one exercise class when I was breastfeeding my last child which left me barely able to walk for a whole month! Enjoy.

  3. Looking good Leanne. Good on you for being so committed. I am feeling really flabby at the moment and would love to get into a good routine, but my physio is restricting me only to swimming at the moment. I'm not even allowed to walk for more than 10 minutes boohoo. Anyway, those are great tips you have. I'm always a fan of making myself accountable. That always works for me.

  4. I really need to find an exercise buddy and some accountability. After 12 months of little to no exercise due to health, I'm struggling to get back into the swing of things and terribly unfit.

  5. Those are excellent tips! Although I splurge on Lululemon occasionally, I like to get exercise wear from Cotton On.. very affordable and trendy! Their crossback wire bra is so comfy too :)

    Ai @ <a href="'> Sakura Haruka </a>

  6. Good on you Leanne, you look fabulous!
    This is something I really need to work on.

  7. Great Tips on staying fit and healthy.
    Hubby late Grandad had that very saying "Use it or Lose It" And he was so very healthy, walking everywhere even in his 90's.
    I love working out too but its a time thing!!
    What a great club/mentoring group you have going on facebook - great way to keep everyone butts in shape!
    Lisa from @Newlifeontheroad

  8. Good on you Leanne - looking good. Don't forget to add a few yoga stretches into the mix (says this newly qualified yoga teacher)!

  9. Well Done!
    I was going extremely well with the eating well thing, about to start adding exercise into the mix and have now fallen flat on my butt with all of it! Time to shake it off and try again I think!

  10. Thank you for the reminder about doing sit ups and things. I've been finding ways to exercise with my kids around like jumping on the trampoline and running up and down stairs, skipping, but this will really make me feel like I'm exercising again x

  11. Great, easy to manage tips! You are looking great too :)


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