Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 1860 - Delta Force Mini Paint Ball

Anyone game to get their paintball on?

Don't mess with Deep Fried Fruit! 

Last year for Christmas we bought Darby a bunch of paintball tickets.  It was one of those "coming of age" gifts because they now have mini paintball available for children from 10 years of age.  So his gift was great timing given he was about to turn ten and he used half of his tickets to host his tenth birthday party at Delta Force in the ACT.

We bought the tickets as two packs of ten from a guy in the mall selling them at a heavily discounted price.

Anyway, I got a text message six weeks ago advising that the remaining ten tickets were about to expire! Eeek!  So instead of rounding up another bunch of ten year olds, we decided to have an extended family paintball war.

Yesterday was the day.

We had a ball! (no pun intended).

Ages ranged from 10 - 68.  From Darby and a mate, right through to Pop and with aunt, uncle, parents, cousin, sibling and Nanny in between.

The thing about the mini paintball is that the bullets don't hurt anywhere near as much as the adult paintballs do.  Plus the gun is much safer and is unable to do rapid fire.  Is it weird that I am saying "the gun is much safer"?  Never thought I'd use that sentence ...

Our team of ten was split into two teams of five.  Then we joined forces with another two teams of ten split into teams of five, meaning there was now 15 people per side. Both teams were made up of kids and adults ranging in age from 10 upward. And yes, we were fighting against some of our own family members which made for some interesting episodes!  The best was watching Nanny and Pop try and "kill" each other ... with Nanny getting "shot" by another player and then having Pop shoot her again as she walked out just for good measure.  

There are a number of courses that are used throughout the day with at least two sometimes four games per course.  We ended up using three courses that spanned three hours with drink breaks and a lunch break in between.

Delta Force are happy to organise lunch for you via their local Dominoes store if you order in advance.  We chose to take a picnic along with our own chairs and a table.

If you don't mind the fact that it is all about guns and warfare then it's actually a great family day out!

Age limits vary from state to state with the ACT only just bringing in the mini paintball this year for ages 10 and up.

You need to book your spot well in advance and they usually only allow your session to go ahead if there is a minimum of 20 players for that time slot.  So that is total bookings for that time slot in that age bracket.

At the time of the booking you have to pay for your ammunition at a minimum cost of $25 per person. So for us that was $250 on my credit card at the time I booked our spot. Ouch!

The other thing to keep in mind is that for mini paintball that $25 only gives you 45 "bullets".  We managed to make that last across all of our sessions but that was because we were wise to this paintball world and advised everyone beforehand not to get too heavy handed with the shooting.

If you do run out of ammo though you can replenish your supplies for $10 for 15 or another $25 for 45.  That expense is something to keep in mind when you're taking kids.  You need to word them up beforehand about being strategic with their fire.

Your protective gear and the guns all come as part of your original ticket purchase.  You do not need to pay extra for the camouflage clothes, gun or helmet.

If you want to find out more head to the International Paintball Group at for Aussies or phone 1300667118.

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