Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 1861 - Getting kids to eat fruit

How much fruit gets eaten at your house?

Part of the stash  bought on Saturday which had run out by Monday
I don't love fruit.  It takes me a lot of effort to get my fruit intake.  Except for berries. I'm wild about berries.  Anyway, I have devised a plan to get myself eating more fruit and it turns out that simply through role modelling, my kids are now going all fruit crazy too. I am at the point I can't keep up with the continual need to fill the fruit bowl!

So what am I doing to create this fruit frenzy?


It seems that by me continually whizzing up fruit with my bar mix, combined with the popularity of visiting Boost Juice on our trips to the mall, the rest of the family has gotten on board the fruit bus.

Tahlia is continually creating delicious smoothies with combinations of milk, yoghurt, berries and bananas.

Darby is loving his banana milk shakes and is slowly starting to experiment with other fruits as well.

And I am playing around with different fruits each day to create exciting new combinations. Yesterday I managed to get five serves of fruit into my day! FIVE! I struggled to get in one serve a week before.

Thanks to the school and their "fruit boost" policy (10.00am fruit break at their desks) my kids have always been daily fruit eaters.  But this whole juicing thing has taken it to the next level.  Both my kids are now having 3-5 serves a day by combining their normal morning fruit boost with an afternoon fruit inspired drink.

I haven't gone out and bought any special juicing machine.  All I have is a bar mix and a plastic jug. That's it! Easy to use and easy to wash.

I always have frozen berries in the freezer so that if we run out of the fresh stuff we've still got some fruit in the house PLUS it's the frozen berries that helps makes the juice nice and cold.

Hey - on the weekend just add vodka and BINGO you've got yourself a cocktail.  Bonus! Adults only of course.

I'm loving that the rest of the family is loving it. Hell, I might even try a few veges next.

Honestly, this whizzing up fruit thing is brilliant! 

It's a great way to keep you fresh, healthy and feeling less Deep Fried.  

Anyone else been juicing?

I have talked about this whole juicing caper before. It's only now that the rest of the family has jumped on board.  Yeah ... it doesn't happen overnight ... but it does happen! 


  1. You sound just like me. I'm not a massive fruit fan, but I do like berries. The kids are fairly good at the moment when it comes to fruit. They have at least an apple a day. I think a smoothie or fresh juice is a great way of getting extra fruit into them though. Nice one! #teamIBOT

  2. I'm a huge fan of green smoothies, even the non green smoothies but not a fan of juicing especially when it involves a lot of fruit.

    I'm borderline diabetic and just can't handle more than a serving of the stuff. Would much rather blend up a whole piece of fruit that includes the skin/fibre combined with more vegies than fruit.

    Berries are a different matter, they don't seem to effect sugar levels as much and a great way to add some flavour and colour to my smoothies.

  3. Not juicing but we're on a fruit frenzy too - I think it's the weather!

  4. Not juicing but we're on a fruit frenzy too - I think it's the weather!

  5. Not juicing but we're on a fruit frenzy too - I think it's the weather!

  6. I love making fruity milkshakes but haven't done so in a while... thanks for getting it in my heard to get started again! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. My in-laws are mango farmers, and we also have access to an amazing mulberry tree at the moment so we are also in a fruit frenzy.

  8. My youngest loves fruit, my eldest not so much. We are into the NutriBullet at the moment so lots of fruit getting whizzed up. I love watermelon on a hot day! Can't go past it xx

  9. Bananas, mangoes and watermelon are a favourite around here, and I love a good berry smoothie!

  10. I love fruit. Be careful with the smoothies though as fruit is very high in sugar, hence the only 2 serves a day recommended. I use ice in mine as well to cut down on the heaviness.

  11. I will eat just about any fruit, except rock melon and paw paw. Nick is pretty keen on juice too, but I have been told fruit loses all it's nutrients when juiced?? If I can get him to eat one piece of fruit a day at school for lunch then I call it winning. -Aroha xo


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