Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 1869 - Oiling the deck

Just call me Bobina the Builder

Deep Fried Fruit .... the bum shot ... Oiling the back deck.
Or perhaps Danni the Decker. Or Oli the Oiler.

I've gone all Bob-the-Builder-ish and decided to tap into my inner tradie by oiling the back deck.  You may recall we had a brand new deck built last year. It was the deck of all decks! Including the bar seating all around the edges.  Well, we kind of dropped the ball on the whole oiling thing.  In fact, it hasn't been oiled since the day it was built.  And it's bloody thirsty. So that's how I'm spending my mornings.  I'm oiling.

The deck is thirsty

VERY thirsty
Got my tools ready

First I sweep then scrub

Then I oil

What the oil looks like before it soaks in

Already looking better after just one coat.

So that's it. The first coat is done!

I'm off to do another.

Then another.

Are there any other Bobina Builders out there? 


  1. How satisfying is it to quench that decks thirst!! Awesome looking deck too! Love it :-)

  2. Go you!
    We did this same job last Summer with an amazing deck oil that only requires one coat ever. Actually, I let Hubby do all of it and sat inside with the kids and watched a movie. It looks like hot work and you must have been sore? Great job!

  3. It looks so much better after just one coat, can't wait to see it when you finish.

  4. Love the size of your deck. I have to do our much smaller one too now you have reminded me. Nothing wrong with being a Bobina!

  5. No me! But gee, I have deck envy! Great handy work.

  6. That looks fabulous. Want to come over to our house and do ours? They so need it.

  7. Bobina! Love it. I'm like the exact opposite to Bobina. I live alone (and always have) so have no option sometimes, but I'm the worst home handyman (person) ever!!!

  8. Good on you for having the motivation. Looking fabulous :)
    I've been looking at our decking and thinking it needs an oiling too.

  9. Oh wow that sure looks fantastic after one coat of oil...what a difference it makes.
    Actually I didn't realise that decks needed oiling!
    Love the title "Bobina Builder"


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