Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 1870 - Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Donating hair to charity.

Jessica donates her hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign for the second time.

You might remember a post I did two years ago on how my niece Jessica cut her hair for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign which donates real hair wigs for women with cancer. She was only twelve at the time and her kindness inspired a number of other young girls to get the chop for charity.  Jessica's story was publicised in the Canberra Chronicle and also in Dolly Magazine.

Well yesterday our Jessica fronted up again! Yep, after just two years her hair had grown back enough so that she could donate another 25cm.

When interviewed for Dolly Magazine in their January 2014 issue, Jessica said that she would love to do it again one day.  Well, she was true to her word and that "one day" came around very quick.

With the help of Scissor and Roc Hairdressing on the Kingston Foreshore area of the ACT, Jessica got a whole new "do" yesterday while at the same time helping another woman to feel good about herself during cancer treatment.  We don't know who that woman will be, but we do know that she'll look stunning with the help of Jessie's beautiful blonde locks.

Here are some pictures of Jessica's donation.  

Jessica's hair before her donation

The stylists from Scissor and Roc measuring Jessica's hair for the donation
(Each donation must be a minimum of 20 cm)

Thank you to the staff at Scissor and Roc for donating their services for this great cause

Getting the hair into nice neat bundles so that the hair can be collected 

It's time for the chop! 

Jessica with her hair ready to be sent away

Thank you Pantene for providing Jessica with their Beautiful Lengths shampoo and conditioner! 

If you're interested in donating your hair to the cause you can find out how at the Pantene Beautiful Lengths website.   You can also read about it here and here.

Jessica's ponytail will be sent off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths today:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
PO Box 1237
Brookvale  NSW  2100

Getting packaged up and ready to go


  1. Good on you, Jessica! What an inspirational young lady you are.

  2. What gorgeous hair she has!! Wow and such a generous donation. x


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