Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day 1883 - Wordless Wednesday


We love magpies at our house.  We've had many a magpie family come through and breed in our yard.  We've never had a swooping problem because we've somehow managed to instill trust and a mutually beneficial living environment.  Until this year.

This year we've had a rogue magpie start attacking Darby as he rides his bike.  We figured it was because it had a baby nearby so we didn't go all human on him and start exerting our authority or anything.  But for the life of us we couldn't find any evidence of a baby.  Besides, isn't swooping season over?

And then we met this little guy. He's been hanging out on our back deck while Mum goes and finds his food.  Isn't he gorgeous!

Funnily enough, now that he's out of his nest, the swooping has stopped.


  1. Oh the little guy is cute but I do detest swooping Maggies. Oh boy, they scare the life out of me and create a truck load of paranoia!

  2. Very cute, but I'm with Vicki - I hate swooping magpies. I used to have to deal with them when I walked at my old place but fortunately I don't have as many nearby now. (Well that and plus I don't walk!)

  3. Don't even get me started! I had to take a fledgling peewee to the shelter as it fell from a nest above our pool and we have cats!

  4. What a cute little magpie baby. My dad buys stuff at the bakery especially to feed the magpie on the way home from his daily walks. It's a running joke in our family.
    I revelled in seeing magpies playing in our sprinklers the other night. It was mesmerising and pleasing to watch.

  5. Nawwww so cute. There's lots of maggies around my home too and thankfully they don't swoop. I always freak out when I'm walking home and see a shadow flying above praying it won't swoop me!!

  6. We have a wicked little bird (peewee i think) who poops on our car after pecking the mirror for hours.
    The baby maggie is cute though.


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