Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 1888 - Renew your SSL Certificate!

Do you have your own online store?

The Cheer Chick Charlie online store

If you do, can I just say one thing: Don't let your SSL Certificate run out! You might not get a reminder.  It's up to you to keep it in your diary. Trust me. If you don't renew it, it's the stuff that keeps you awake at night and gives you an ulcer.

What is an SSL Certificate? Well it stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it's a data file that you need to ensure you have a secure connection from a web server to a browser so that people can hand over their credit card details safely on your site.  It helps people feel safe when handing over their payment details.  We had to get one in order to install our EWay payment option.

An SSL certificate is a wonderful thing.

Unless you forget to renew it and then it is not so wonderful.

Let me take you on our journey over the last two days: 

Imagine if you had an online business that has been in the "valley of death" for the normal two years start up, then suddenly started to take off.

Imagine if you had just done a bunch of advertising and you were making sales day, night and everything in between.

Imagine if you were about to have your best sales week ever.

Imagine the joy!

Imagine if it was Christmas and the EXACT week when most people do their shopping.

Imagine if that was the same week marking the FINAL week that people dare to buy from the internet to get their parcels in time for Christmas.

Imagine if with a carefully planned marketing strategy and a whole wad of cash that you don't actually have yet (coz you're relying on all of these sales to get it) you are about to launch a HUGE advertising campaign across the Nation's Capital.

Imagine if because of the aforementioned "forgetting to renew your SSL certificate" thing your website goes down mysteriously in the middle of the night.

Imagine if this takes place in the wee small hours of a Saturday (right before your campaign is about to start) meaning all the people you need to chat to and the certificate renewal crew are off work enjoying their weekend.

Imagine if it's not just a case of people not being able to access your website, but that they also get the following horrible and scary message on their screen.

Remember to renew your SSL certificate! 

Imagine that?

Your credibility, everything you have worked so hard for, has just gone out the window!

Can you imagine that?

Yeah well, I can.

I can imagine in.

I am living it right now.

My hair is falling out, I have a pain in my head, neck and shoulders, a burning in my chest and I feel the need to vomit constantly.

I don't know how many sales I lost over the weekend but based on momentum I would say it was a few hundred dollars worth.

Oh well.

What can you do?


Sorry for yelling.

It's just so damn fascinating.

Luckily I had an IT dude doing everything he could in the middle of the night to redirect and jig a few things to make the website functional until the certificate renewal comes through later today.

Systems are in place for my advertising to start this morning.  We have taken a huge leap of faith and gone above and beyond any marketing campaign we've ever done before.

The website HAS TO WORK.

There is no other option.


Don't let your SSL certificate expire.  Ok?

Onwards and upwards!

This post was written by the outwardly calm author and owner of Cheer Chick Charlie. Any typos or grammatical errors may be on account of the fact she's not actually calm at all.  It's hard to type with sweaty palms and a frazzled brain. If you haven't met Cheer Chick Charlie yet, be sure to pop over and say hi.  The website won't bite ... promise ...  by the time you get there the SSL certificate will be active again.  #positivethinking 

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