Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 1889 - Good Shepherd Cheerleading

What do you call a group of coaches?

The Good Shepherd Coaching Team
I actually Googled that.  I wondered if perhaps this was a gaggle of coaches ... and it could be ... if we were coaching geese. Maybe a rafter of coaches (for turkeys) or a sleuth of coaches (bears) or perhaps a tower of coaches (giraffes) or possibly a crash of coaches (hippopotamus).   The best I could come up with is a convoy of coaches (which is what you would actually call it if by "coach" we meant a bus),

Anyway, I am babbling.   A babble of coaches?

This picture is of the wonderful 2014 coaching team at Good Shepherd Cheerleading.

We had our end of year concert last night and with 90 cheerleaders in the room and around 200 spectators I would say it was a great night.

I emceed the event.

I kind of teared up a bit.

Ok, ok. I teared up a lot.

I had Tahlia standing by my side and I was giving everyone the history of the squad in 100 words or less. It went something like:

"In 2008 my daughter came to me with a dream. She wanted to be a cheerleader. We started the Good Shepherd squad that year and went to our first competition in 2009. We won. By 2010 we had over 100 cheerleadersin the squad and that has been a constant ever since. This here .... this is my dream come true. This is Tahlia's dream come true. Right here.  I am overwhelmed with what we have created".  

And right there. In that last sentence ... on the word overwhelmed ... I cracked.

An overwhelmed of coaches?

I couldn't finish speaking.

Instead we just started handing out the trophies.

A trophy of coaches? A trophy of coaches!!! That's it.  A trophy of coaches.

After 6 years it still gets to me! Working with such beautiful kids week in and week out.  Getting to see the joy on their faces and the faces of their families as they perform.

Being able to coach children in a sport they love is a truly rewarding experience.

Even when I'm not actually coaching. Just knowing that we created this.  That one little girls dream continues to help other children to enjoy a sport that they love.

Yeah, it can be overwhelming, but overall it's rewarding.

I am so honoured, humbled and proud to work with so many parents who, just like me, have stepped up to coach the squad.

It's fun to be part of this trophy of coaches.

Thanks coaches!

And thanks Good Shepherd Cheerleading.

The Good Shepherd Warriors at the Australian National Cheerleading Championships 2014

Good Shepherd Titanium at the Australian Scholastic Cheerleading Championships 2014
Our scholastic representatives at Nationals 2014

Hitting the poms floor Nationals 2014

Snapped mid-pyramid nationals 2014


  1. Aww bless I would have lost it too! Those cheer girls look amazing. Well done for another successful year.

  2. Aren't they cute all in their uniforms!

  3. It's an emotional time of year isn't it? Trophy of coaches is an excellent term. Congratulations. #teamIBOT

  4. Oh my goodness. Wow! You and Tahlia really have achieved something special. I would have been in tears too. Congratulations x

  5. I love your passion and how awesome it must be for you and your daughter to see your dream going from strength to strength.


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