Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 1891 - What to wear when Christmas Shopping

Another look inside the Deep Fried Style File

Ready for a Deep Fried Christmas Shopping extravaganza
Is your Christmas shopping expedition one of those all day events that requires maximum comfort with a big dose of sanity? Yeah, that's me too.  When I go out to shop it's with purpose and with a very strict time management plan.  And it's definitely with flats and an enormous handbag.

Here's my Deep Fried Christmas Shopping Style File.

First things first, be sure to dress with comfort.  

Go for a little bit of stretch in your pants and some give around the waist.

Add something a little festive to show you are in the Christmas spirit. For me that was the embroidered shirt hinting at Christmas without being too "in your face" jolly.

Be sure to dress in layers as you never know if you are going to be sweating it outside, or getting chilled in the aircon. I was able to take this shirt off and tie it around my waist or drape it over my shoulders to break the white on white.

Be sure to wear flat shoes and take not one, but TWO big bags to carry all your purchases (one inside the other).

  • "The Vintage" Boyfriend jeans from Target $40 (size 10)
  • Girl Express moccasin style shoes from KMart $15 (size 10)
  • Rivers cotton shirt with embroidered detail $25 (size 10)
  • Bonds cotton singlet bought 5 years ago
  • Colette large tote gifted to me a year ago 
  • Miglio chunky necklace from their Kashmir collection $119.00 (birthday gift)
  • Estee Lauder shopping bag which came free with Estee Lauder purchases this year

Don't forget your beauty regime.

Christmas shopping in the crowds can become a bit stressful, but it doesn't need to age you.  

Keep your makeup minimal and have stress free hair.  

Just a bit of tinted moisturiser, a dash of mascara and some lip gloss is all you need to look fresh and ready for your day. 

Don't forget to take a hairband to pull the hair off your face when the going gets tough and you're breaking into a sweat.  

Wear deodorant! 

Keep your earrings simple so they don't get ripped out if you have to dive into a crowded discount bin. 

Have the cleansing products ready to rid your face of any "shopping residue" when you get home. 

  • Hair straightened and defrizzed using Pantene Pro V BB Creme and Herbal Essences Smooth Lovin' Serum
  • Dove "pink" moisture rich deodorant which leaves no white marks
  • Olay CC tinted moisturiser with sun protection
  • Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara in black
  • Max Factor Colour Elixer gloss in Polished Fuchsia 
  • Olay Regenerist brightening cream cleanser to clean face on return
  • Decidedly Rich hand cream.

On my shopping trip I wore these lovely hand-stamped earrings which were gifted to me by a beautiful (and much loved) cheerleader on Monday night.

My earrings say LOVE.  And I LOVE to shop for the people I LOVE so they were the perfect accessory for this not-so-little jaunt into the shopping wilderness.  Check out Peapod for the full range of hand-stamped sterling silver and gold jewellery.  

So that's that! Another peek into the wardrobe of Deep Fried Fruit.  Where you can be Deep Fried without having to dress all Deep Fried! 

Happy shopping. 

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