Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 1896 - Not a normal day

What were you doing when you heard the news?

Yesterday when I woke up it was just a normal day.  Actually, it wasn't just any "normal" day ... it was the day I was being interviewed on Canberra's most popular radio station as Canberra's "newest author".  A milestone in my author life.

I made the lunches, did the school run, got dressed in nice clothes and did my hair.  I mentally prepared myself for the questions and I headed into the radio station.

At this point it seemed nothing untoward was going on.  Yet I was later to discover that right at that point ... right at that minute ... hostages were being taken and people were feeling terror in Sydney. It was 10.05am.

I got to the station and everyone was all smiles.  I was ushered into the recording studio and met Scotty and Nige and Knuckles (the FM 104.7 morning crew).  There were pleasantries and they got me seated in front of the big furry microphone.

I noticed that they were in "a quick game's a good game" mode.  I thought they were just being efficient in a busy environment.  We conducted the interview, it went smoothly and had enough frivolity to keep within the theme of a FM radio breakfast show.  There was laughter.  It was fun.

I left feeling good ... it was a great interview (from what I can remember) ... but I also left feeling like their mind may have been elsewhere.

The moment I got home I realised their mind was elsewhere.

Right while I was in the studio, while I was having my "all things are great with the world" interview about my "all things are great with the world" books, events in Sydney were coming to light.  A man was holding people hostage at gunpoint at the Lindt Coffee Shop in Martin Place.

The radio station was no doubt getting into "response" mode to start reporting on this hellish scenario.

The siege was to last 18 hours and shut down the city centre.  As with many Aussie families we had the news running on the TV all day to watch and pray for a good ending.  Terror was reigning.

I was no longer thinking about over-thinking about my interview. I was now hoping they wouldn't play it.  Because it was pre-recorded you see, waiting to be played this morning.  They had promoted it on the radio yesterday as a highlight for today.

But after the terror of yesterday and the resulting deaths, today seems too soon to play an author interview about cute kids books about empowerment, energy and "anything is possible".

Or is it?

I write this at 6.30am.  I am still not sure if my interview will be aired today.  But I do know that I will always remember where I was when terror hit Australia.

Yesterday was not a normal day.

Where were you? 

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  1. All our worlds changed that day. I was in the tea room at work watching the television with some workmates. None of us could believe what we were seeing on that screen above the lockers. In our city. While we were going about our normal day.

    On another note, congrats on the interview. Huge achievement!

    SSG xxx


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