Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 1901 - Christmas Lights

Do you like to go and view the Christmas lights?

We do.  I am so pleased Canberra is getting up to speed with the whole Christmas light spectacular because ten years ago I was driving to Sydney just to show the kids the twinkling festive magic.  Twenty years ago it meant a flight to the USA!

This year we headed into Civic for the wondrous display raising money for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). We made a night of it by going out to dinner, cruising through David Jones and Myer to check out their "spirit of Christmas" and then hitting the lights just on dark.

In a few nights we'll also head off in the car to view the houses in our local area.

So what does a Deep Fried woman of the world wear to such events like Christmas light stalking?

It needs to be something light, comfortable, easy to walk in and layered for when the night gets cool, yet stylish enough for when you bump into all those "long lost friends" you haven't seen in years.

Here's my Deep Fried Christmas Lights outfit of choice:

  • Cotton pants from H&M $19.  Light, colourful and comfortable. Easy to walk in. 
  • Loose oversized tee from Dotti $15.  Light and able to cover the tummy from all that Christmas cheer.
  • Key necklace from Colette $12.
  • Sash and Belle "Stevie" Envelope Clutch with optional strap currently on sale for $20.  Perfect for carrying camera, phone, wallet, bug spray and all the other things one might need while walking the streets.
  • Karen Scott wedge style sandal for stylish but comfortable walking
  • Dirty hair given a boost with Pantene dry shampoo and BB Creme, then pulled back in pony tail and sprayed just in case the wind picks up.  

Throw in a cardigan just in case the chill sets in after the sun goes down.

Fun, festive, fashionable and comfortable.  All the things you need to help you feel less Deep Fried.

PS I was soooo disappointed in DJs and Myer in Canberra this year,  No Christmas effort whatsoever. Honestly, my house looks more festive than their stores. Tragic! 

1 comment :

  1. civic looks fabulous

    I agree DJs and Myer are so meh this year

    Love your outfit

    SSG xxx


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