Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 1902 - Cup holders

Are cup holders an important element when you purchase a car?

The cup holder tray between the drivers seat and passenger seat in the KIA Grand Carnival.
I remember when I bought my very first car. A Holden Barina.  Cup holders were not on my radar, until one day three years after the purchase, I discovered the car had cup holders that you could pull out of the dash board.  I was hooked!

The next car I bought new was a Daewoo Lanos and one of the first things I asked about was the cup holders.  Not the engine, not the fuel consumption, not the service details ... but the cup holders.  The man laughed at me.  I gave him the hairy eyeball.  Cup holders are important!

The next new car we bought was our KIA Carnival which we still drive today. It has 11 cup holders!! Yep ... 11.  I am so proud of having 11 cup holders.  Forget horsepower or the label on the car or the cost of the vehicle.  I measure a car's worth by it's cup holders.

Cup holders are important to me.  Which is funny given I'm not a coffee drinker. But I do drink green tea and fresh home made juices which I like to take with me.  Being a Deep Fried woman of the world requires certain comforts.

Today I took my green tea in a camp style "keep your tea warm" mug which didn't have a travel lid.  I don't need a travel lid because the KIA has big deep magnificent cup holders in a tray beside the driver's seat.

When I got outside Derek suggested he needed the KIA so I had to take the 20 year old Ford (with the dodgey 20 year old cup holders).

The cup holders are so dodgey that my tall camp style mug doesn't fit in them.

Instead I put my tea between my legs.

Stupid huh?

You bet ya.

I reversed out of the drive way, spilled the steaming hot tea, dived out of the car and ran up the stairs to the house crying.  I'd scolded my thighs.

I rest my case.

Cup holders are an important element of ANY car purchase! 

How many cup holders do you have?  

PS Having "burnt" thighs is a bitch when they rub together.  Just sayin' ... 


  1. Ouch! Darn!
    I thought that cupholder console looked familiar! We have the Kia Grande Carnival 8 seater. Totally love my cupholders (though I had never counted them!) I love how the seats become tables too!
    Have a painfree and wonderful Christmas!

  2. I did this with a takeaway coffee on the way to work far too close to turn back. Not fun!

  3. LOL I agree - cup holders are a very important design feature of a vehicle. I do not know how I survived back in the day when they were overlooked. My new car makes up in quality for the lack of quantity of cup holders and that's ok with me. So long as my coffee can be nestled safely as we journey and is within easy reach, I am happy :-)

  4. Absolutely! I have teensy cup holders in my car so I need to decant my diet coke etc into a thin water bottle. Of course, the bigger issue is probably ensuring there are SOME cup holders! Def a 21st century first world thing we can no longer live without!


  5. Ouch! Not good at all. Cup holders are certainly essential. Especially with kidlets!

  6. I love cup holders in cars too and they are especially great for kids water bottles when travelling. I hope your thighs didn't get too burnt from the tea. That would have really hurt. :( also thank you for my DVD. It came in the mail today. :) x

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