Saturday, December 27, 2014

Day 1907 - Christmas left overs

How many days do your left-overs last?

On Christmas Day we had a feast.  A feast worthy of a king.  Pork, ham, turkey, vegetables, cranberry sauce, apple sauce and gravy. Christmas pudding, pavlova, fruit mince pies, custard, cream and ice-cream.  All of it.  As usual we over cooked and over ate.  But I'm not complaining! Because we're still eating the left overs. Thirteen people ate lunch and thirteen people had more of it for dinner.  Ten people had cold cuts for lunch again on Boxing Day, and ten people had cold cuts again for dinner last night (don't worry - the other three didn't cark it or anything ... they just weren't staying in the same house). And here we are on 27 December and we've still got left overs.  Tonight eight people (they're dropping like flies) will eat more ham and roast veges. Tomorrow I'll make pea and ham soup.  Monday we'll still have enough ham for sandwiches, That'll be five days.

How many days do your left-overs last?


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