Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 1912 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year ... and Happy New Word! 

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We made it. It's 2015 and we're ready to start again.

I realise I made a HUGE mistake last year.  You know how I do this Happy New Word thing where I choose a word to help guide me through the year?  Well last year my word was SOLUTIONS.  What an idiot!!!  To require solutions you first need to have problems.  Shit! No wonder 2014 was the year of the challenge.  I bloody well asked for it.

So this year my word requires no negativity to be brought into action. It's just a word that is going to help me create the year of our dreams.


Every day there is an opportunity for growth, for happiness, for health, for love, for comfort and for greatness.

There is opportunity for fun, for fitness, for laughter, for peace and for freedom.

There is opportunity for business, for work, for play and for cuddles.

There is an opportunity to make dreams come true.

The opportunities are everywhere. You've just got to be open to the possibilities.

Hello 2015 .... I look forward to meeting you and exploring the opportunities.

It's a new year.

With new opportunities ....

Happy New Word everyone! 


  1. Still trying to find my word.

  2. I like this word, Leanne. Keeping it top of mind will mean you won't miss all the wonderful things that come your way this year. I hope there are plenty! x


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