Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 1917 - Buying a diary

Electronic or paper diary?

Back when I was an EA I ALWAYS used an electronic diary.   I would mock those that insisted on using the paper kind.  So archaic.

Outlook allowed me to invite people to meetings, keep notes about the agenda, link documents to it, share it with my boss remotely, and if necessary I could print off the day and carry it around with me.

Since being back at home in my own business, I have reverted back to the paper kind.  Yes ... now people are probably mocking me.  But for some reason when it comes to managing my own week, I feel better seeing it in my own handwriting.

You'd think that with the advances in technology and hand held devices the eDiary would be even more appealing.  Especially since I have the Windows phone which is supposed to be a great business system (I don't know how to use the bloody thing).

But no. I like the feel of paper.  I love the smell of ink.  I enjoy using coloured pens.  I've even been known to use puffy stickers to highlight special days.

I bought a diary prior to Christmas but I made the mistake of buying one with a day to a page.  Nope. I need to see the week at a glance.  This day to a page thing just isn't working for me.

So today I'm off to buy my diary for 2015.

Tell me, do you prefer an eDiary or the paper kind?

Do you even have a diary?


  1. I need to have something I can write in as well. I too prefer a week to a view. I'm still looking for the right diary for 2015. I use to update my filofax each year but it's too cumbersome and I prefer something more streamlined that can fit easily into my bag without adding to the bulk.

  2. I have both and find I look at neither. I still double book myself and don't "check my schedule" before committing to things. I am just hopeless!

  3. Can you please get one for me as I have done the same. I ordered my diary for work a couple of months ago and now it is time to use it, I want a week to 2 pages, not a day to a page! What was I thinking?!?! it is too bulky :)

  4. My friends refer to me as a tech-dinosaur! I am totally committed to my paper diary. I actually have three paper diaries! One at work for work stuff, one in the kitchen for family appointments and activities and one for my blogging activities! It may sound cumbersome but it works for me!

  5. I just use my calendar. I don't have enough that I need a diary for at this point, although hopefully this year things my change, so I'll need one. But I can't do electronic. It just doesn't work for me.

  6. I tired going electronic, I even went all last year electronic, and I hated it! Back to paper and pen for me.

  7. When I lived the corporate life I depended entirely on OUTLOOK as you say as it did so much for me and alerted me when I was due somewhere etc. Now that I'm not in that life anymore I mostly just put my appointments in my phone! I can't live without my phone! Having said that, I do LOVE a gorgeous paper diary and I'm thinking perhaps I might take it back up! :-)

  8. Oh the conflict! Personally, I prefer a paper diary. Really, with a family a calendar on the wall works the best for us, but I can't take it down and carry it about with me. And that doesn't work At. All.

    In my non-perfect world I use the calendar on my iPhone. I always have it with me so I can make all my appointments in mere moments without wondering what I may be double booking with. For example, yesterday I toddled up the street and made the two necessary appointments for my 18yo to get her license. Then I walked a little further and made appointments for us all to get our eyes tested. I could see when my physio appointment is so I was able to book around that. And then I can set reminder alarms to remind me I have an impending appointment and hopefully I won't miss it, or get the time wrong.

    I don't love the e-option, but it is working the best for me right now.

    When I'm teaching I do my planning in Word (e-version) and the print it out (paper version). It's like the best of both worlds.

  9. I used an electronic diary when I worked, but for personal stuff I like a hard copy.

    In fact, you've reminded me I need a diary for this year. There's something cathartic about getting to write stuff down. #oldschool


  10. I prefer a paper diary too. I just like being able to see it without having to get on a computer to add to it.

  11. I cannot use electronic diaries. Love paper, writing things down, easily flipping ahead etc xx deb

  12. I'm a paper diary person - I love use stickers, adding tickets, photos etc so I then have a nice record of the year. I often start an electronic diary, but while I'm not working, I never seem to keep it up to date.

    Hello from #teamIBOT


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