Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 1919 - Weight Loss

If you want to eat less, then sit at a window!

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According to an article in Good Health Magazine (November 2014) where you sit in a restaurant impacts on how much you end up eating.  In the article "the secrets of women who stay slim" it is suggested that sitting in a dark booth makes you 80 per cent more likely to order a dessert and about 70 per cent less likely to order a salad.  Sit at a tall or well lit table and you're most likely to order fresher, lighter and more waist friendly meals. Isn't that interesting!

Food for thought ...


  1. Window seats from now onwards. How interesting is that.

  2. That is interesting - but I'm in the 30% - I'd never go out and order a salad!!

  3. Well there you go! Very interesting. I

  4. The salad has to be amazing for me to consider it- I rarely find that when out and about!

  5. That's it - window seats for me now every time! haha ;-)

  6. That makes a lot of sense really!


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