Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 1920 - The Chillow Pillow

Do you get all hot and bothered in bed?

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I'm not talking about the whole horny primal beast thing here, but rather about one of those shitty aging things we like to call hot flushes.  Or perhaps you're not menopausal but may just be a sweaty bear.  Well here at Deep Fried Fruit I'm all about helping you age positively (which includes managing all those dodgy aging dilemmas) so I've found a way to keep you cool at night.

It turns out that if we are cool when we go to bed, we'll fall asleep more quickly. That's not always possible when you're sharing a bed, or if you're living in a hot zone, or if you're having flushes.  So there's this cool new thingimo called a "Chillow".

It's a cooling pad designed to be used with our normal pillow to maintain a comfortable body temperature making us less likely to overheat.  Then in the early hours when our body temperature drops, the Chillow warms slightly to keep us comfortable.


Literally ....

I have no idea how this works as I haven't tried this out.  I just came across it in a women's health magazine and figured it might be worth blogging about.  

You can buy it online at for around $60.

So for all those hot bods out there ... you're welcome. 


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