Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 1921 - Exercising Quickly

Is it possible for us to get fit in just minutes a day?

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I would love that to be true.  I really don't like to dedicate too much time to exercise as I have too much other stuff going on ... stuff I actually enjoy doing.  So I would love someone to tell me that I could exercise for five minutes a day to stay fit and healthy.

A quick game's a good game.  My words to exercise by ...

It turns out there is a bunch of study going on in this area right now - studies of high intensity interval training which means working out for short very intense bursts instead of doing long leisurely sessions.

I'm really keen to hear about how this can help us to age positively.

The great news is that studies HAVE shown that fast exercise can offset the deterioration in health that often accompanies middle age.  It all depends on just how hard we actually work within those short bursts.  You can find out more about these studies on page 110 of the November 2014 issue of Good Health Magazine Australia.

The article I read highlighted some rules before you get started:

  • Warm up
  • Don't do the same exercise on consecutive days
  • Aim for three sessions a week
  • Good technique is key
  • Never stop suddenly (come to standstill gradually)
  • Hard effort is required (but not to the point that it is painful)
Some fast exercise ideas are:
  • Two minutes: Fast skipping for two minutes or running hard up stairs and walking back down.
  • Four minutes: A four minute sprint three times a week
For more information about fast exercise, check out the "Fast Track your Workout" article in the November issue of Good Health magazine.  

Yep, a quick game's a good game! 

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