Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 1922 - Summer Styling #OOTD #Everydaystyle

Some like it hot! 

Hot pink that is.  I'm not often a pink girl, but when you've got a tan there is no better colour combination than hot pink and white to show off the summer glow.

For Deep Fried women of the world, the good ol' polo shirt is fairly decent wardrobe staple.  To me it screams resort wear, sailing and polo matches.

Admittedly I've done no resorts, sailing or polo this summer ... BUT ... a girl can dream.

So here's the low down:

  • White "The Vintage" Boyfriend Jeans from Target
  • Giordano Polo in hot pink with light blue stripe and navy detail
  • Condura "clackies" bought about 8 years ago at a boutique in Noosa for $20
  • Forever 21 Sunglasses
  • Sash & Belle handbag from 2014 Winter range. 

Some like it hot.  Hot pink that is! Who's with me? 

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