Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 1927 - Burn more calories - exercise before you eat #fitness

Who needs an appetizer when you can plank before dinner! 
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Apparently if you do 90 seconds of any exercise - planks, lunges, push-ups, squats - immediately before you eat, it'll increase the insulin sensitivity of your muscles so you burn more calories.  Ninety seconds!! That's according to physician Jennifer Hanes as reported in the February 2015 issue of Redbook Magazine. By exercising right before dinner you're also sending a message that you want to remain fit and healthy which makes you less likely to eat junk.  So why not ditch the appetizer and throw in a few burbies instead! It's all part of this aging positive gig ...

Not sure how it will look in the middle of a classy restaurant but it's worth a shot.

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