Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 1928 - Manly

How cool is Manly?

Manly Beach
We're in Sydney.  Tahlia's got a few modelling commitments and given it's school holidays we decided to turn it into a family weekend away.

We're staying in the city to be near each of her gigs, plus Derek and I have a Cheer Chick Charlie meeting in the city on Monday.  But because today is a free day .... we made the decision to trek across the bridge to Manly.

Wow! I was told it was fantastic, but didn't realise just how cool it was!

That's it. I never want to stay in the city again.  Manly is the place to be!

A busy Saturday at Manly
As long as you can find a car park.  What a challenge that was! It took us 45 minutes to find a space at 9.15 in the morning.  I guess it is Saturday ... EVERYONE wants to be in Manly. We ended up finding a council operated multi-storey carpark which charges $9 for the first hour, $6 for the second hour and $5 an hour thereafter.  Yeah, it's not cheap.

But the views and the atmosphere in Manly are worth it.

We hired a couple of sun beds and an umbrella (total cost of $35 for three hours) and hung out on Manly Beach.  It was hot hot hot so I actually got in the water ... not once, but twice.

We then took a wander through the shopping streets and found a few lovely market stalls selling good quality art, jewellery and other bits and pieces.

I fell in love with this ring made from a sixpence coin.  Created by Paul Gardner it was sterling silver and cost $99.  You can check out more coin jewellery at

A gorgeous sixpence ring by Paul Gardner at Coin Jewellery

Other items available at the Coin Jewellery store
I also fell in love with this gorgeous necklace by  By Sabine.  A bottle of sand, with a lovely little shell and a starfish, with a tag that says "may there always be a shell in your pocket and sand between your toes".  It cost under $70 which I thought was a bargain.

I love this necklace B y Sabine

More beautiful jewellery By Sabine
Alas I came home empty handed because I thought our money was better spent on the whole parking and beach chair and paying for our hotel room thing.  Next time!

Other lovely stalls included Chuckles and Caz baby wear (love the dribble bibs) and Jackie Cooper Photography.

Chuckles and Caz baby gear (specialising in funky bandana style dribble bibs)
Sensatonal photos by Manly photographer Jackie Cooper Photography
We finished up our morning with lunch in a pub where we go to sit in a window seat (no glass) and people watch, the Manly way.

Street entertainment on the way to the big white pub on the corner

Sitting in the window seat and waving at the world as it wanders by

Lots of little shopping streets in Manly

Pub food for the family
A healthy haloumi and char-grilled vege salad for Mum

Yeah, I've decided I really love Manly.

In my best Arnie voice I say "I'll be back".  Real soon ...

How about you?


  1. Manly is beautiful, there's a great pub that overlooks the water you can have a meal and a cider and enjoy the view :)

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