Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 1931 - Juicing with the Ninja

Did anyone else get one of these little beauties for Christmas?

After yesterday's day of "feeling seriously bummed" I'm ready to take back some control and get on with life again.  What better way to start than with my health and fitness.  After signing off on this blog post, I'll be with the daughter doing a walk/run* around the lake, and then back in the kitchen with my friend "Turtle".  The Ninja!

Yep, I got a Nutri juicer for Christmas.  Best Christmas gift ever!

I really like the idea of juicing because it's a quick and easy way to get a bunch of vitamins and minerals into you.  Plus it helps me to eat fruits and veges I don't normally care to eat.  It's important to me to keep injecting my body with good fuel. You know ... to help with my energy levels and to help with this middle age caper.

I've been juicing for a year with my little hand held bar mix,but when it comes to carrots, nuts, apples or anything with any sort of "chunk factor" the bar mix has absolutely no game.

Now there are so many of these fancy gadgets to choose from. There's a blender of course, and a food processor, then you've got your Magic Bullet, your Nutri Bullet and your Nutri Ninja.

How do you know which is best?

No idea.

But after reading tonnes of reviews I heard it was about two things: (1) the fancy blade for ultimate nutrient extraction and (2) the size of the motor.  Yep, size matters.

My reading suggested that while the Magic Bullet and Nutri Bullet were pretty damn good, they were only around the 600 watt range which meant when it came to carrots and other hard vegetables, you didn't necessarily get a smooth juice,

The Ninja is 1000 watt so what it lacks in quietness (yes, that size motor makes that size noise) it makes up for in very smooth and drinkable juices.

I love it.

The family loves it.

My daughter is totally into the green juice thing so makes hers with baby kale, spinach leaves, cucumber, celery, apple juice and strawberries. This is a girl that doesn't eat kale, spinach, cucumber or strawberries!  But juiced together with ice and she's IN.

Green stuff
My son is loving the smoothies.  He mixes up banana, mango, berries and Greek yoghurt.  Again, this is a kid who is not a fan of the Greek yoghurt, but he's making this smoothy every single day.

Pink stuff
I am experimenting.  Some of the stuff I whizz up aren't overly appetizing.  The kale, spinach and carrot juice I made in Sydney over the weekend was questionable.  Next time I'll add ginger. That'll fix it!

Oh, yeah, we took it to Sydney.

We take Turtle everywhere!

Did anyone else get a juicer for Christmas?

Which one did you get?  

Any good juice recipes?

Can you work out why I named it "Turtle"?

 *By walk/run I mean a whole lot of walking and just enough running to be able to say I went for a "run". I don't love running. And it doesn't love me ...  It's mutual.   


  1. No juicer here - I do sometimes get a nudie if I'm feeling I've been slack in the fruit dept - veges I do okay in...

  2. Leanne! If only I read this post yesterday. I'm doing a detox at the moment and I need to make a lot of smoothies. We don't have a blender so I ducked out in my lunch break to get one. I was overwhelmed with choice. I didn't want to spend much so I got a Kenwood Mix. The woman told me it will make great smoothies. I will have to check the wattage. Last thing I want is to eat chunky spinach. I am yet to use it. The ninja looks awesome though. Looks like you're getting your moneys worth out of it.

  3. Go the Ninja! I know several people who own and love this appliance. I have a KitchenAid blender which whips me up the same. We are smoothie crazy lately!

  4. Haha - love that you call your Ninja "Turtle". I don't have a juicer but geez louise I would love one! Enjoy blitzing away! ;-) x

  5. Ginger makes a big difference I reckon and you are right size does matter. Happy juicing.

  6. Hmmmm... might be worth trying for my 2yo who refuses to eat most fruit and veggies but likes milkshakes! #TeamIBOT

  7. I really need to get onto this whole juicing thing, I feel like I am missing out on something.


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