Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 1932 - A soccer birthday cake #cakehack

Here's another "cake hack" birthday cake.  This time it's soccer!

A soccer themed cake - the balls look like little bombs!
As you know birthday's last a week in our house, which means we often require more than one birthday cake.  You saw my cake-hack-BMX-cake last week.  That was for the family celebration.  Last Wednesday we then had the friends celebration which meant another cake and a matching colour scheme.

The good news about this cake is that it had the exact base and icing as the BMX cake.

We did a square chocolate cake (you could do rectangle for a bigger gathering) with chocolate icing around the edges to stick on the mini Kit Kat "retaining wall".

I then iced it in the leftover green butter and cream cheese icing (which includes fresh cream).

I drew on the field markings with a white chocolate icing pen I bought from Woolworths.

The goal and soccer ball candles were bought in a pack from The Party Hive in Canberra. It comes with two goals (for your big long rectangular cake) and around 8 soccer ball candles. It cost under $10.  I bought the rest of the soccer ball candles from a $2 shop.

I then went on line and printed out a soccer score board (I just Googled "soccer scoreboard" .... go figure) and laminated it, then stuck it onto two wooden skewers.  The corner flags are made from toothpicks and coloured paper.

Done! A soccer cake with "toys" on top done by someone who can't do fondant and isn't fancy enough to create an entirely edible masterpiece.

All the party food and table decorations were done to match the soccer field so it was all matchy matchy.

Note: The party food was actually pretty boring because we were due to spend the day at Big Splash water park and I had shopped for picnic style food. But that was the day it decided to storm and rain and get cold.  So we had to quickly change plans and had the party at home instead with skateboards (for the breaks in the rain), table top soccer and Nerf wars.  

Lolly buckets

Left over icing with sprinkles on spoons for those with the sweet tooth.

Apples and Nutella

Some little star shaped Vegemite sandwiches

Arrow shaped jam sandwiches

A big plate of ham and cheese rolls plus bowls of assorted chips

My son was sad to miss out on the water park, so we've rescheduled it for today.  Weather permitting (it still looks grey and stormy out there ... damn global warming).  So his birthday has actually lasted two weeks! Bonus.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. It's always heart breaking when rain ruins kid's parties :( Some easy peasey ideas for food here that I'll steal for next time! Love the leftover icing/sprinkle one!

  2. That is one amazing looking cake! Well done you! Who knew you could google soccer score boards?! Of course it would rain and storm on the day of the party! Grr! ;-)

  3. Oooh I love the party food!! Clever you!!
    I hope the weather has been kind to you!!

  4. That's awesome!
    I am often amazed at the lengths people go for their kids parties these days! How special!

  5. What an amazing cake almost too special too eat! But I'm sure they couldn't help themselves for long :)

  6. You are a very clever cookie. Love this idea.

    Thanks for linking up last week - catching up because I had no wifi on holidays and at a paddling regatta.


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