Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 1934 - Cheer Chick Charlie Super Snacks

Who loves to create fancy food stuff?

Not me! I am the non-foodie, non-cook, cake-hack who specialises in nothing but salads (and possibly Ninja juices).  So it's quite surprising (even to me) that I take great pleasure in creating fun healthy snacks for kids!

I know right.  Totally absurd.

I guess this all stems from my Cheer Chick Charlie website.  You may not know this, but Charlie isn't just a children's book series - it's also a You Tube channel to help kids keep fit, and a source of printable activities, as well as a shop to buy exercise gear and the Charlie doll, plus we have Charlie's Super Snacks.  Quick, easy, fun and HEALTHY(ish) snacks that kids can make on their own.

So that's why I'm kind of getting into this creating fun food thing.

Yesterday I had a Cheer Chick Charlie "focus group" meeting where I invited a bunch of lovely kiddle-berries to "Cheerville" for a bit of a chat and a garden tea party.

The idea was to get inside their heads so I could re-learn what the Charlie age dynamic is all about (ie 7-11 year olds).  You know, their favourite band, their interests, their favourite sport, what they're watching, what they're reading and what their hopes and dreams are. That sort of thing.

To that end I put on a morning tea which I figured would double as a photo and food tasting session to add new snacks to the Charlie website.

I then thought I could launch the new bow range at the same time and perhaps get these kidlets to model for me!

Hell, why not go all the way and ask them to get involved in my social media strategy by posing for pictures with the books and the doll.

So anyway, I had to get creative with the whole food thing, while at the same time make it feel like a party for them.

And I got all excited about being creative with food!

I did. I actually did.

I should point out that there was absolutely no cooking involved.

I should also stress that no children were harmed. Although there were some who suggested they may have been allergic to vegetables.

While speaking of stress, I should probably stress that in the lead up to the event I was actually stressed. It's hard work making kiddie style sandwiches for a high tea ... and ice-blocks made entirely of fruit.

But I did it.

And I had fun.

And I will do it again!

Because I have decided that I love to create fancy food stuff.

Anyone else have a buttery thumb?  

Is that the kitchen equivalent of a green thumb?  

Do you like to get creative with your snacks?

It turns out if you put Nutella on anything kids will eat it.

The food and photos from this project will be slowly rolled out on Cheer Chick Charlie social media (instagram and Facebook) and the website over coming months.


  1. Sounds like fun!
    We find kids don't actually need food around here to consume with the Nutella - they mostly just eat it on a spoon!

  2. Very impressive - and go you with the utube channel

  3. I hope by reading this some of your enthusiasm rubs off on me! Great job :)

  4. This is so awesome. Thanks for the inspiration for my daughters 4th birthday party in a couple of weeks. :)

  5. What a great website!! Just had a scan and I'm totally visiting again - what a great resource you have pulled together! Where do you get the time! Congrats and I hope it goes really well for you!

  6. Don't need to put nutelle on anything but a spoon!!!

  7. I think when you are motivated that making food fun is really invigorating and leads to more kitchen capers. Glad it worked out well for you.

  8. Well aren't you a clever clogs! I am not a fancy foodie at all. Cutting Dora's sandwich into a fairy or frog with a cutter is about it for me. Love your work!


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