Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day 1943 - Spice Racks

Spice racks are not just for spices! 

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Do you have clutter in your vanity cupboard?  How do you organise your coupons, mail and prescriptions that end up on the kitchen bench?  How about kids books?

I was reading the February edition of Redbook (USA) this morning and found this helpful hint.  Use spice racks for things other than spices!

They are usually only about four inches deep so can be secured nicely inside smaller cupboard doors (like your bathroom cabinet) and can also fix to your wall next to the kitchen bench to help order the mail.  It's even suggested to secure one near your young child's bed to hold the current book they're reading.

They can be used for loads of things actually!


They're quite cheap especially if you can pick them up from Ikea.

Image Source

Image Source

You can even hang them upside down to use them as a shelf and hanging device! Cool

Image Source

Check out this website to find more cool ideas for the Ikea spice rack! 

Don't say I never do anything for ya .....

You're welcome. 

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