Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 1946 - Child Models and Cheer Chick Charlie

This Wordless Wednesday has the cute factor! 

This is Isla wearing the Charlie Bow in emerald green! Isn't she a dream.
I have just launched a range of bows to go with my children's book series.  So with every new product launch, we need photos! And for photos, we need models.

I had the BEST models for this launch.  So many beautiful children with such lovely spirit and big smiles. I also had a great photographer.  This time my model daughter got behind the camera to bring these great shots. Plus Coach Belinda stepped in to take a few as well.  Sorted!

Chloe is showing off our Charlie doll and modelling the Charlie bow in navy.

Ashleigh sharing her Cheer Chick Charlie book and wearing the matching bow in tropical.

Juanita is also modelling the Charlie Bow in tropical

Georgia is modelling the Charlie Bow in red
India is showing off her gorgeous long hair with the Charlie Bow in Geranium Pink
Charlotte has the cheekiest smile ever in this photo - also wearing Geranium Pink

Lovely Gaby is wearing yellow gold which matches her hair beautifully

That's just a snippet from our fantastic session with these children.  I've got even more gorgeous souls to share with you next week!

Happy almost Wordless Wednesday

These bows are handmade in the ACT by the wonderfully dedicated Rowena from Row's Bows and are on sale at our online store 


  1. You are right - they are beautiful children you have modelling your bows! The bows are cute too! :-)

  2. The bows are cute. Beautiful little models :)

  3. Lovely bows. Beautiful little girls modelling them.

  4. Some very sweet models there and great idea to diversify!

  5. All beautiful young ladies, and those bows looks great! Love the colours :)

  6. Definitely has cute factor. Congratulations on your new product range!

  7. Aww such gorgeous girls. My two would go nuts over those boys x


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