Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 1947 - Lunch Box Inspiration

Need some healthy lunch box inspo?

Fruit boost: Nectarine
Recess: brown rice crackers with cheese and two chocolate coated digestive biscuits.
Lunch: Round finger-food triple deck sandwiches with ham, cheese and tomato; grapes
I drew the winners of the "The IGA Lunch Box Legends" competition today so I figured it timely to show you what I've been doing by way of creating healthy lunchboxes for my primary aged boy.

 I've been doing my best to make his lunchbox mostly of the "nude food" (non-packaged) variety in keeping with new school guidelines and the advice of health experts.  I've always done this to a degree, but now I'm taking it to the next level.  Just to keep us all honest. And accountable.

Anyway, here is my attempt to be a lunchbox legend.

Fruit Boost: Apple
Recess: Chocolate coated Freddo biscuits and sultanas
Lunch: Zucchini and ham quiche with olive, cheese and capsicum sticks

Fruit Boost: Banana
Recess: Popcorn
Lunch: Cheesy roll with ham, cheese and tomato with cheese and cherry tomato sticks and carrot sticks

As you can see I'm also sharing my lunch box ideas with my Cheer Chick Charlie fans.  Coz Charlie's all about motivation, energy, health and fitness for kids!

See ... I can multi-task and wear a few hats at the same time.

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  1. I love the idea of those little cheese and veggie sticks! Kids seem to think everything tastes better on a stick.

    Thanks for the awesome prize - very excited to fill it up!


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