Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day 1950 - Aldi Exercise Gear

Shall we take the Aldi exercise gear for a test drive?

Aldi exercise gear
As often happens when you walk into Aldi - you walk out with things you didn't even know you needed. Like exercise gear.

The thing with Aldi is you can't try them on in store. So you're taking your life (and your butt, your thighs and your stomach) into your hands trusting that you'll look as fabulous as the model on the packet.

The other thing with Aldi is that they're cheap. Only $8 a piece. So if your butt, thighs and stomach do look alright, then YAHOO you've hit the bonus round.

Feeling fabulous after losing a few kilos over the last few months I took the plunge and bought the gear "sight unseen".

Yesterday I gave it a "run".  Well, it was actually a walk.

Firstly I was impressed at how light it all felt on my skin.  It actually felt soft and nurturing.  It was so light I didn't realise I was wearing anything.  That can be a good thing when you're exercising.

It can also be a bad thing if you've got bits and pieces you need to get a firm hold on.  Like butt, thighs and stomach.

So while I enjoyed the feel of the gear, and I quite liked the way I looked from the front view, I wasn't overly impressed with what was going on at the back end.

A combination of the flimsy fabric and the light colour I chose, meant my hail damage was on display for the world behind me to see.

Look, if you've got hail damage (like me) then fitted leggings is never a good look.  But a firm good quality fabric and a dark colour can hide it. 

I'll continue to wear my Aldi gear on my dawn lake walks because it's comfortable, cool and you can move freely.

I won't wear it anywhere I want the illusion of a firm toned arse.

The bottom line is, if you're a piece of nice fresh fruit with buns of steel, then go for it!

If you're Deep Fried Fruit like me, then you might want to think twice before you buy the whole set.

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