Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 1951 - A day in the life of Deep Fried Fruit

Wanna know what happens in the land of the Deep Fried?

A day in the life of Deep Fried Fruit
It's been ages since I've done one of these posts. So here goes ... this is what Monday looks like.

5.00am Think about getting up
5.05am Decide fibro pain is too bad and roll over and go back to sleep
6.30 Finally get up and shower
7.00 Wake the kids up
7.10 Make the lunches.  Try to be creative.
7.25 Take photos of very creative lunches for Cheer Chick Charlie website. Two birds, one stone.
7.30 Tackle the overnight emails
8.00 Get the boy child to do his reading.  Say goodbye to girl child.
8.15 Inspect house to check kids have done jobs. Win!
8.30 School run
9.00 Get text from girl child saying she needs gridded maths book,
9.05 Drive to shops looking for gridded maths book
9.30 Email Dad to see if he can find gridded maths book coz I can't find
9.34 Boil jug
9.35 Sit down and write my to-dos.
9.40 Feel faint at too many to-dos
9.41 Realise I didn't make my tea. Boil jug.
9.45 Write bunch of emails coordinating the school cheerleading squad
10.15 Write bunch of emails coordinating Canberra Show event
10.30 Write email to magazines re Cheer Chick Charlie
10.35 Write email to agent overseas
10.40 Start trawling net for agent in Australia
10.55 Realise I didn't make my tea. Boil Jug
10.56 Realise I haven't done hair.  Turn on straightener.
11.00 Reply to emails coming in re school cheerleading
11.15 Reply to emails coming in re Canberra Show event
11.30 Realise I didn't make tea. Boil jug.
11.31 Realise I didn't do hair.  Head to bathroom.
11.32 Rescue spider from shower door and find him new home outside.
11.35 Make phone calls to find sound system for Canberra Show event
11.45 Decide this is too hard.
11.46 Realise I didn't make tea. Boil jug.
11.47 Realise I didn't do hair.  Head back to bathroom.
12.05 Hair done! Still no tea.
12.06 Get on hands and knees and clean up black hair on white floor tiles.
12.07 Wonder if I am going bald. Investigate hair.  See too many greys. Call hairdresser.
12.10 Make lunch. Including tea.
12.11 Realise freezer isn't working. Food defrosting. Damn, shit and bugger.
12.12 Haul everything from fridge freezer downstairs to Tuckerbox.
12.20 Swear profusely as I wipe out fridge/freezer.
12.30 Sit down and create find-a-word for Cheer Chick Charlie website.
1.00 Upload food photos in readiness for Instagram and Facebook.
1.15 Realise I didn't blog today due to sleep in! Shit.
1.16 Start writing this blog post.
1.30 Reply to more emails and try more phone calls.
1.40 Write up call sheet for niece wearing my "auntager" hat
1.45 Shit!! I have a client.  Jump in car and race to meeting place.
2.00 Client
3.15 Home in time for boy child.  Prepare afternoon tea
3.40 Write client notes
4.00 Prepare for dinner.
4.05 Welcome home girl child
4.26 Realise I didn't finish blog post.  Come back and finish off.

What the rest of the day will probably look like. 

4.30 Prepare for cheerleading tonight.
4.45 Sit and talk to the kids about their day.
5.15 Head to first night of school cheer training
5.30 Spend lovely evening with coaches and kids
7.25 Leave early to pick up boy from Martial arts
7.45 Get home in time for late dinner
9.00 Snore

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