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Day 1966 - The Canberra Show

Do you go to The Show?

Image Source - Official photo of the Royal Canberra Show
Annual agricultural "shows" are traditional in Australia. As a kid I always headed to the Goulburn Show as both a competitor and a side-show enthusiast.  I would compete in the horse events, then we'd go and check out the rides, the showbags and the knitting and baking.  It was a big deal.  Just about every country town has a show. From Nimmitabel to Cooma, to Bungendore to Braidwood.

In NSW all show roads lead to the Royal Easter Show in Sydney.  I never got to compete at that level (that was kind of like the "State" or "National" championships of agriculture) but I went a few times as a spectator which was a trip of Disneyland proportions.

I remember going on a bus trip to the Sydney Show as a teen.  I bought an extremely fashionable Cronulla Sharks velcro wallet, big colourful plastic earrings (it was the 80s)  and who knows what else.  The most important thing at that point in my life was the rides.

In Canberra we have the Royal Canberra Show.  We've taken the kids plenty of times with our focus on the agricultural side of things.  Checking out the wood chopping, the cows, the alpacas, the petting zoo, the horse events, the shearing and the racing pigs.

Image Source - www.abc.net.au 
We also head to watch events like the "Crusty Demons" crazy motorbike dudes and the cars that do that precision driving where they go on two wheels and jump over things.  Let's not forget the bareback showjumping nor the jousting.

Image Source - The Canberra Times

Image Source 
Then of course there are the pavilions where people enter their craft, baked goods, flowers and garden produce to win prestigious awards for "best in show".  As well as community groups and other businesses showing their wears.

Image Source
Last stop is always the rides and the show bag pavilion.  When my kids were little MUCH RESEARCH went into the rides and the show bags before we went to the show to ensure we were getting the most bang for our buck.  They were only allowed three rides and one (sometimes two) show bags.  So it was important to choose wisely!

Image Source - abc.net.au

Image Source
This year we won't be going to the show as spectators.  Nor as competitors.  This year we will be going as a business owner AND as the entertainment.

Cheer Chick Charlie will have a stall at the event where I will spruk my wears PLUS we're sponsoring three cheerleading displays over the Saturday and Sunday.

In order to showcase the sport of cheerleading I've coordinated seven squads across the ACT, plus Charlie and her Cheer Chicks, to do two one hour performances and another quick 10 minute performance on the main arena on the Saturday night.

Eeeek! How exciting.

Forget utes jumping over utes and motorbikes flying upside down through the air.  We've got people jumping over people and flying upside through the air! Well ... kind of ....

See ... we're on the program!

Part of the Saturday Canberra Show timetable 
We'll have around 120 cheerleaders performing across the course of the weekend, plus Charlie herself will be out there mixing with the kids and showing off her dance moves.

The Cheer Chicks rehearsing

Charlie and her Cheer Chicks
This weekend the show will look different for us. We'll be looking at it from a different angle.  We'll be showing off rather than just showing up.

I'm a bit nervous. And a little bit frazzled. But a lot excited.

What does the Show mean to you?

Which is your local agricultural show? 

Do you go?


  1. I leave that for my partner to take the kids (though the last few Aprils we've been away so missed it - the Sydney one is very, very $$ for a family of 5.) Good for you getting the cheersquads in there....

  2. How exciting! I'm sure it will be a great weekend. We love our local show, its a great time to get together and really appreciate our local farmers, producers and community. Plus the rides and the show bags are always a hit of course.

  3. That is so exciting! And what a great way to promote Cheer Chick Charlie, too!! I used to love going to the Ekka when I was a kid. I'm tossing up whether to take the girls for their first time this year, but am thinking I may wait another year. The crowds turn me off with kids so young. Good luck!

  4. I never go to the Easter show- haven't been in years! I hate to be a grinch but for our family, entry alone goes well into triple figures and then you have all the other costs- all to spend a day getting far too cosy with my fellow show-goer! I just hate those big crowds! However, this sounds like a great opportunity for Cheer Chick Charlie!

  5. We used to go every 2nd year when the kids were little to the Brisbane Ekka. I haven't been in quite a while though now! It's expensive just to get in there and it's usually around the time when there are lots of bugs around. What an exciting show for you this year! Good luck - it will be fantastic! :-)

  6. Wow, that sounds very exciting.

    I have never taken my kids to the Canberra show, but I went once or twice as a child (yes, I grew up here and ended up back here as an adult!). We were only ever allowed one show bag, but the rides were the thing. My sister liked the animals but I didn't even understand why they were there! :)

    All the best for your new view of the show. I hope it is a wonderful weekend for you.

  7. We haven't been to the melbourne show for a couple of years as it takes that long to save up... But the last time we went they had a prize hunt in which meant you needed to see all aspects of the show... Not just rides and show bags... I loved it and so did my kids

  8. We LOVE the Royal Melbourne Show and I think it is crazy awesome that Cheer Chick Charlie is going to be at the Canberra show! Well Done!

  9. I love the Brisbane Show or The Ekka as it's more known. How exciting to have your own store! I have fond memories of being taken to the Ekka as a child and I'm looking forward to creating the same memories with my girls when they are a bit older.

  10. That is so cool for you Leanne!
    I'm very excited!
    I loved the Darwin show as a kid. In Port Lincoln we have Tunarama which is also pretty cool, thought quite different.

  11. Oh how exciting! Cheer Chick Charlie comes to life! Have a blast:) #TeamIBOT

  12. Oh how exciting! Cheer Chick Charlie comes to life! Have a blast:) #TeamIBOT

  13. We always have so many to choose from so we have spent some time taking the kids to a few in the region. Canberra, Gunning, Bungendore, Braidwood and Moruya. They all have different elements and reasons to love them. But our fave by far was the Royal Easter and although it took a bit to get there - once you got through the gate, there was just so much to do that didn't cost. The kids loved it, but I think I loved it most! Enjoy yourself this weekend. Mel


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