Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 1967 - Kindle Cafe and Catering

Sometimes the hardest things to find end up being the true gems. 

Kindle Cafe and Bar, Canberra City
I met a friend for lunch in Canberra City last week just near her workplace.  It was a gorgeous little cafe called "Kindle".  She tried to explain where it was but I was buggered if I could picture it.  In the end I rang her twice to get directions.  Anyway, at the other end was this gorgeous little spot with a lovely guy at the helm, delicious food and great ambience.

Tucked away at the back of a building on City Walk is Kindle Cafe and Catering.  You can sit outside on City Walk at little tables and stools and watch the world go by, or inside absorbing the vibe of this cute little joint.

If you can take the time to find it, I highly recommend it!

How to get there:

I parked behind the Canberra Casino (in a block of apartments) and walked across the road, down City Walk, and across the road again to continue along City Walk towards the Canberra Centre. (It's just as easy to park in the Target Carpark and come through the Canberra Centre and towards the Casino from the other direction.) 

Just there tucked up to the left is a building with a couple of crate style tables outside and some stools. I think it might be the GIO Building? I seem to recall the Flight Centre was right there as well?  Head inside the lift well area of that building and out the other side and you'll find Kindle Cafe and Catering.  Cute!

Kindle Cafe and Catering: Shop 10, 240 City Walk, Canberra City, Phone: 02 6169 6169.


  1. I don't live in Canberra but if I did I'd check out this cute cafe! The menu looks delicious too!

  2. Oh that cafe does look so cute! I've only been to Canberra once but if I'm ever there again I will seek it out. I love it when I find a new cafe that I love! :-)

  3. Will definitely visit when I'm next in Canberra.

    SSG xxx

  4. That food on that menu sounds delicious. A gem worth looking for, good on you for not keeping it a secret :)

  5. Going to cafes is what I miss about being a mum, it's not fun with small kids!

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