Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 1971 - ACT Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders cheering for each other.

Good Shepherd Primary School  - Photo taken by one of the lovely Good Shepherd cheer mums. 
One of the things I've been working on over the past few weeks (let's say months) is getting all of the ACT cheerleading squads together to perform at the Royal Canberra Show with Cheer Chick Charlie as the sponsor.  Well, yesterday we pulled it off!

Yesterday we had Charlie and her Cheer Chicks along with 170 cheerleaders from across seven competition squads in the ACT all come together for a one hour cheerleading performance.  This was backed up by a prime time performance in the main arena last night with 35 cheerleaders led by the Charlie crew.

The Cheer Chicks getting ready for the main arena
What an amazing achievement.  To have squads who normally compete against each other all come together to collaborate, create, support and cheer each other on was heart warming.

I was too busy coordinating and videoing to get many photos but I did get some crowd shots of the day time performance.  I estimated around 400-500 spectators at that gig with around 1500 in the grandstand at the night time show.

Well worth the effort.

The best news is we get to do it again today!


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